Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will increase your Brands online visibility, traffic and sales. First, we would love to provide you with a free SEO Analysis of your website and marketing campaign. This will show you what must be done in order to dominate your competitors.


Next, with our effective cutting edge SEO techniques, you will beat your opposition!

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click (Paid Search) Campaign management involves helping you to boost sales by managing your Adwords, BingAds or Native advertising campaigns. We will achieve high quality conversions by first analysing your target market and competitors.


Next, We will implement the optimal strategy to ensure success reporting to you all along the way!

Social Media Management (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is vitally important in order to organically grow your Brand!


We will help you to be fully in tune and on message with your audience online, on all the relevant Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Public Relations (PR)

Public relations has now moved online from it's roots in TV, Radio and the Press - but have you? If you have not established an effective way to engage with your potential and existing audience online then you must now!


We would love to have the opportunity to get involved and shout your message! Don't be shy, open your eyes to the newly emergent PR landscape today!

Web Design & Development

Your Website is your online shop window. We can help you to wow your audience with a stunning new state of the art website, designed and developed in our web studio with SEO in mind.


Our creative design team have created brands and websites across many and varied industry sectors from leading Brands to SME's across the globe.


We can help by creating authoritative stunning content optimised for the leading search engines. We know how to get the best Key-phrase results in the Search engines for your Brand.


It all starts onsite with your websites content. You must get this right, if you do, everything else will follow, naturally.

What is successful Search Optimisation (SEO)?

Successful search optimisation means getting your website to the top of the search results in all of the main search engines, this goal will only be achieved by gaining high authority for the pages within your website that you want to drive traffic to.


This means that a thorough and detailed analysis of your website, your competitors and your target market must be applied to achieve results.


MintCandy Strategy

MintCandy will always keep you abreast of what we are doing for you during your campaign and will measure the progress of your online promotion all along the way, reporting to you as we implement elements of the strategy and as targeted goals are successfully reached.


This is truly the most optimal and efficient way to successfully identify and achieve your business goals, getting your SEO results to the top of the page.


Digital Marketing Agency

Ultimately, as a digital marketing agency we are only successful if you are, we never forget this.

Choose the right keywords

Conducting comprehensive keyword research is vital when it comes to implementing SEO. This will give you a greater understanding of what the most common search terms are among customers and will show you how competitive each keyword is.


Ultimately, your business will want to select the keywords that have the greatest chances of success, which ideally should be highly searched, under represented and relevant to the written content.


There is no secret or sorcery that determines SEO success!


In addition to understanding how SEO works, a great deal of time and resources are spent on discovering the best ways to implement a fruitful campaign. However, there is no sure-fire way of guaranteeing success, nor is there a magic formula to establish first page results.


Here at MintCandy, we employ proven and substantiated techniques to deliver SEO solutions. Our in-house team of experts constantly monitor the ever-changing world of online marketing to give you the best results possible.

Pay Per Click (PPC) targeting and analysis

Pay per click (PPC) involves a detailed level of analysis regarding your competitors and your target market, the precise targeting of your selected keywords and the actual cost per click (CPC) of these Keywords. Ultimately it all comes down to the cost of implementing the strategy, the quality of the traffic generated and the ROI (Return On Investment) that you would expect to achieve from your digital marketing.


We will help by analysing your competitors, assessing your target market on a per keyword and keyphrase basis and then deciding on the most optimal mix that must be targeted in order to achieve your goals during the campaign.


We are always more than happy to manage the whole process for you if you desire, monitoring progress on a daily basis as the online marketing campaign evolves and rapidly adapting to any opportunities that may arise whilst doing so.

The importance of content

Although keyword density was traditionally considered to be the most important aspect of SEO, the strength of copy has now taken precedence. Search engines will index websites based on the content found on each page. The content should be interesting for the reader, grammatically and syntactically correct, include relevant keywords and relate to the products or services on offer.


Not only will your website’s search engine performance improve, visitors will keep returning to a resource that is useful, informative and entertaining if your content is spot on.

In-house SEO Training Courses

At MintCandy Academy we provide SEO training courses to clients where required, we can teach your staff how to implement effective SEO using the software tools and techniques that will drive your website forwards. The most obvious benefit is saving money, we also offer SEO Consultancy services where required, just ask! The evolving world of online content requires your, and therefore our, constant attention, this should be the real priority for SEO professionals. We pride ourselves in recognising and addressing the hundreds of existing and newly emergent criteria that determine how sites rank highly in Google and other search engines. 

MintCandy - SEO with a real difference

We are an Essex and London based fresh thinking leading digital marketing agency offering the very best high quality search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media optimisation (SMO), digital PR plus web design and development. We will work with you to improve your organic results in all the major search engines. Our head office is based just outside London in the picturesque coastal town of Maldon in Essex on the edge of the Blackwater estuary. This ideal location is where our creative ideas are given the best environment to blossom and mature into cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns of unparalleled imagination.


MintCandy are currently working with clients across the country to deliver successful innovative digital marketing campaigns in any market by utilising the power of all of the major search engines and social media platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

You want results right? That is why you are here, on our website

By working in partnership with our clients we are able to clearly identify tangible and measurable ultimate objectives in order to set goals early on. Once we have clearly identified these objectives we embark on the second phase of preparing for your marketing campaign, which includes analysing your Competitors and your Target Markets plus the best route to these markets for your campaign to have a real impact on your return on investment (ROI).


Next, we create and implement a strategy that will attract your target audience to you, your brand and your internet presence.


MintCandy will create and implement a marketing strategy that will attract your target audience to you, reinforcing your brand, products and services all along the way.

Different, really

We have achieved results on page 1 of Google for extremely competitive terms for many types of business sectors including:


Retail, Insurance, Property, Health and Fitness, Fashion, Printing, Holiday, Recruitment, Sports, Gaming, Finance, Communications


At MintCandy we always put you, the client, first. We are both fast-moving and re-active towards your ever changing needs and we are rapidly adaptive to the ever changing online digital marketing landscape and of course the opportunities that this brings to you during your campaign; this is our promise to you.


Call us today to find out more about our Free SEO analysis for your website.

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