5 tips for succeeding on Instagram

A few years back, Instagram wasn’t an essential social media network for most brands. But since 2012, the app’s usage has more than tripled gaining more engagement than any other rival. It’s also indispensable if you’re targeting young people, as over 100 million Millennials now use Instagram.

But before you start sharing photos of mundane objects around the office featuring aesthetically pleasing attributes, you will need to know the basics of how to succeed at Instagram.

Have a plan of action

A huge number of businesses will dive head first into the creative and compelling world of Instagram. But while this enthusiasm for artistry and engagement is all well and good, the absence of a rational plan won’t go down well with audiences that nowadays expect much more.

The most successful brands on Instagram have a cohesion running through all of their posts, be it from a design or framing perspective. Just like your tone of voice on Twitter and Facebook, keep it consistent with the odd spontaneous post thrown in to keep your followers on their toes.

Understand your audience and target market

Similar to any other exercise that reaches out to online users, it helps to understand who your target market actually is. Otherwise, you could be posting and sharing photos and videos that don’t generate many likes or any comments.

So, take a closer look at your audience demographics as well as your most engaged followers and see what content resonates with them. From there, you will be able to easily define what content to share and who to target with your posts.

Embrace the use of hashtags

In order to get the most out of hashtags, conduct a little research to find the most popular ones in your industry. Simply put together a list of ‘seed’ keywords associated with your business and what it does.

Although some hashtags will have been used for hundreds of thousands of posts, you should be able to unearth a select few that still have plenty of reach but are not overly competitive.

Carry out some competitive research

While you are in research mode, take a quick look at your competitors to see what types of photos and videos they are posting and sharing, what hashtags they use, how often they post, who they follow, and how they structure their captions.

You don’t want to copy the tactics of rivals exactly, but take inspiration and influence on what appears to be working and then put your brand’s spin on things.

Engage and interact with followers

Taking the time to engage and interact with your followers could be the difference between making it and breaking it on Instagram. So, get busy with replying when people comment on your posts and acknowledge any photos your brand is tagged in.

Capitalise on the fact that several businesses don’t do enough on social media and establish yourself as a brand that responds to customer comments and user feedback. Before long, you’ll be a success on Instagram.

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