Are you running a PPC campaign?

Then consider a PPC audit

Pay per click, or PPC, campaigns are becoming increasingly popular with businesses to generate online customers for their websites but very few actually consider undertaking a PPC audit.

By doing so, the business will find how effective their PPC campaign actually is and whether they should be revisiting either their keyword or adverts to be more dynamic.

This is where a specialist firm such as Mintcandy really does come into its own. They can analyse your historical and existing campaigns to see if real value can be added to a new PPC management campaign.

Essentially, it is important that a business gets the very best from their paid-for search campaign and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can be invaluable in highlighting how improvements can be made.

In addition, a PPC audit will also highlight if issues around a website’s search engine optimisation, or SEO, needs to be improved.

Sometimes this fresh approach to a PPC campaign can be a real eye-opener, especially for a business which believes that its pay per click campaign is as good as it can be and that they have covered all of their bases.

A PPC audit can boost results

However, a PPC audit will also highlight how the smallest of tweaks or improvements can boost the results of a campaign. It may, for instance, flag up an issue with the keywords that may not be as effective as they once were. Long tail keywords may be necessary to put your advert on the top of relevant search queries, driving new traffic to your website.

A firm such as Mintcandy can also point clients towards running banner advertising campaigns on other sites to help generate impressive numbers of customers at a lower cost than running a campaign on a platform such as Google.

There’s no doubt that a PPC campaign is a really effective way to promote a firm’s offerings and, don’t forget, the advert itself is free – and great for PR awareness – until someone clicks on it to go through to your website. If you are really keen on getting your name known, then a pay per click campaign is an effective way of doing this for a minimal amount of money.

One of the downsides to using a PPC campaign to generate sales is that you are not guaranteed to have your advert placed on the first page of a search engine results; there are a wide range of factors affecting this.

For instance, your competitors may be outbidding you on keyword placement and your PPC campaign budget may run dry before the campaign ends.
In addition, a PPC audit will highlight where your ad spend is being wasted and that a different tactic to generate sales, such as implementing a social media strategy to engage with your customers, would be a more cost effective option.

If your PPC campaign is failing – STOP

Lots of firms and organisations tend to stick with what they know and if they have had some success with PPC they will carry on with it regardless of whether their Ad spend has increased and the number of sales has decreased.

For this reason alone, a PPC audit is a worthwhile exercise and cost-effective too since the result of the audit will help a business decide where best to spend its advertising budget to generate the best paying customers.

Part of the work by Mintcandy is to analyse who your target audience is and how to reach them and in doing so to provide the most cost effective way of delivering high volume, high quality PPC traffic.

For a PPC audit that will make a real difference, contact Mintcandy now.

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