Beginner’s guide to SEO audits

Optimising your website so that it appears on the first page of Google has many benefits. From enhancing visibility and attracting new customers, to increasing traffic and in the end generating more revenue, SEO has numerous advantages for any business.

However, in an ever-changing online environment, there is a constant need to move with the times and stay ahead of the game. Therefore, it is vital to review your digital marketing footprint with an SEO audit.

This will enable you to find out what aspects of SEO are working well and what areas are performing badly. Every company wants to operate efficiently and reach its maximum potential and the same can be said for SEO.

In-depth SEO audit

Before jumping right in with an analysis of performance, you will need to crawl the entire website much like a search engine would. This will identify any issues or problems as well as pages that deliver strong results.

Unless you’re prepared to write a custom crawling and analysis code for SEO audits, the help of a dedicated digital marketing agency like Mintcandy is required. With the skills and expertise required to identify the most important aspects of any website’s search engine potential, the long-term rewards for companies big and small are obvious.

With information, data and figures collected, it is now possible to commence page analysis. Not only will this reveal the intricate SEO details, it can also provide invaluable recommendations on how to improve in the future.

SEO audit analysis

There are various things to look at and scrutinise with an SEO audit, but the main areas to analyse are accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and competitive analysis.

If a search engine can’t access a particular website, it will receive no visitors. Therefore an SEO expert will be able to discover whether a page is accessible for everyone. From there, it is necessary to find out how many of these pages are actually being indexed by search engine.

On-page ranking factors are concerned with the characteristics that influence rankings, such as content, images, keywords, meta descriptions and URLs. Off-page ranking factors refer to a website’s popularity, trustworthiness, backlink profile and social engagement.

Finally, competitive analysis will review rival websites to assess their performance. While this might be a painstaking and time-consuming undertaking, it has innumerable advantages. As an experienced SEO expert, we are on-hand to provide dedicated services in this area.

SEO audit for business

From independent traders and small businesses, to large companies and multi-national corporations, the need for differentiation in a highly competitive online world is now more important than ever.

Even if a website optimised for Google gives your organisation an initial advantage, constantly evolving trends could see you fall behind. With the majority of people not looking past the first page of results, a website that doesn’t keep up with the times could be lost forever.

Therefore, on-going reviews of digital marketing practices such as an SEO audit will ensure your business continues to thrive in today’s digital society. Seeking professional help is the only way to receive tailor-made solutions and guaranteed success.

Mintcandy are always rapidly adaptive to the constantly evolving trends in the wonderful world of SEO and always happy to add value wherever we can.

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