Why big business has embraced digital marketing

Surely, it comes as no surprise that 60% of the world’s top retailers are active on Facebook since they have enthusiastically embraced digital marketing?

It’s not only the big firms that are doing well: the internet clearly offers a range of opportunities to those willing to make the effort to exploit them.

This often means that small and medium-sized firms are having to look at employing specialists to undertake this work which will also incorporate work on a Social Media campaign, Digital PR and running a pay per click (PPC) campaign.

However, there is more to digital marketing than a business creating a Facebook page to establish an online presence and to run a Twitter feed. Both need special attention to exploit their relevant platforms.

Keeping the message alive

It is no longer good enough to create a digital outlet and not to pursue it. You need to keep on top of your social messaging and the feedback from it. There’s nothing worse than seeing a company posting two Tweets and then leaving it alone for two years because no-one can be (apparently) bothered.

To say they might not be bothered is probably being a tad harsh since many people in marketing will have other demands on their time and few will really appreciate what digital marketing can bring to them and their business.

Digital marketing agencies can really step into the breach to help promote a business effectively online, creating success and boosting profit; they will strive to ensure that a firm’s ROI (return on investment) in online digital marketing is as effective as it can possibly be.

A digital marketing firm will not only be experienced in delivering effective digital campaigns but also be fully informed about the latest developments and techniques. This may mean that they get to grips with any relevant Google updates, for instance, to ensure that their plans and campaigns do not go awry.

What will a digital marketing agency do for me?

Essentially, the agency will carry out an appraisal to establish what needs to be done to make your digital marketing message successful. From that they will then develop an interlinked campaign to help exploit opportunities online.

However, it’s no longer good enough to have a website: it needs to be effective and impress not only potential clients but also your peers. That’s why it is increasingly important to be committed to dealing on a business-to-business level.

Leaving aside the mandatory Facebook and Twitter presence, it’s also potentially crucial that a firm establishes itself on LinkedIn and Google + as these platforms offer incredible opportunities. They are both also growing their user base so quickly that those opportunities will continue to multiply.

For instance, apparently, around 70% of LinkedIn participants use the site to research potential business partners and customers which then boosts the sales of the firm they are interested in once they are connected.

So while LinkedIn for instance works on a business level, a firm also has to engage with social media – and react to consumers and clients who may be critical of their firm online. You cannot afford not to engage with critics and there are tried and tested methods of doing this effectively.

Get your social media message right

Which makes the final point even more vital: get your social media interaction wrong and you will create a crisis for the company.

There are regular examples of major household names getting their strategy wrong and being ridiculed for it, online, real time, in front of everyone with an interest – good or bad!

Having a digital marketing strategy in place will cater for incidents such as these but also help move you and your business forwards too, promoting you ethos and your Brand in the right way for maximum impact.

So while big business has embraced and exploited digital marketing opportunities that doesn’t mean that a smaller firm can’t compete directly in an online world if they use the expertise and knowledge of an agency , such as MintCandy, with extensive digital marketing experience.

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