Budget PPC Tips Explained – Back your horse!

Maybe you just want to test the water, maybe you’re a start-up or maybe 2013 hasn’t been your business year. For whatever reason, PPC on a budget can still be effective with a little bit of extra thought. While the tips below were specifically designed for small campaigns, some of the savings here can be applied to larger campaigns.

Budget PPC Tips Explained – Back your horse!

1. Change horses mid-race – Imagine you place a bet, only to find your horse lethargically slumped against the first hurdle. At this point you’d rip up your ticket and head home, but with PPC you can change horses at any point. Simply round up your poor performing keywords and dump them together in a separate campaign or ad group, leaving your prime stallions unimpeded while reducing money wasted on the horses that are only fit for frozen Beef Lasagne.

2. One Shergar is better than a thousand Eeyores – Running multiple campaigns can reach every nook and cranny of your target audience through utilising different approaches and different key words. However, when you are working with a small budget, this technique will leave you spread thin and unable to penetrate with any of the campaigns.

3. Always bet on your own horse – Your brand is a selling point and by targeting people who are already searching for it, you can ensure a higher conversion rate while keeping your costs down to those who already have a vague interest in your brand. Some people are put off bidding on branded terms as they fear it may jeopardise their organic hits, but research by Google doesn’t agree. Not only does it help dominate search engine results pages, it also shows that you’re a frontrunner in your field. For the best click through rates and quality scores, bid on product titles, urls and director names as well as the company name.

4. Don’t hog the limelight – Yes it looks good having the top spot on results pages, but overzealous clickers will drive up your cost per action (CPA). We’ve all hurriedly clicked a search page link only to hit the first ad by accident and I doubt many of us lose sleep over it, but if you are on the receiving end of the bill you probably should be. Reduce accidental clicks on both standard and mobile devices by going for a lower ad position.

5. Give it love, attention and a bucket of oats – Ok, keep the oats but take the first two parts and smother your campaign with love and attention. Build checking up on your ads into your routine to make sure your high performing ones have got the budget to keep going. While this should be key in any strategy regardless of size, you can help make up for you budget shortfall by investing extra time instead to increase efficiency.

6. Dope your horse – Ad extensions are like steroids for adverts, they can turn a well built advert into a champion by adding something that standard ads can’t do. Click-to-call, images and multiple site links can have a massive effect on your ROI, especially for those with a physical product to sell.

7. Get rid of your blinkers – If you were trying to advertise your London rowing club before August in 2012 you would have come up against a lot of accidental clicks from Olympic Games traffic and you’d have wasted a lot of your budget. While obviously this is an extreme example, fluctuations in key term popularity and public interest affect nearly any search ad you’d throw out there. Look at what is going on around you and alter your terms accordingly.

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