Content Marketing – Pass it on!

Content marketing is now becoming an ever more popular aspect of modern businesses overall marketing efforts, but of course, content marketing has been in existence for some considerable time.

A new dawn! The Rise of Social Media

Social media’s rapidly increasing popularity has driven up the demand for content. Not just any content, but content that actually makes a statement, that makes a real difference.

Starting out on Twitter or Facebook is easy of course, but without a structured content plan it soon becomes difficult to think of anything original to post. The net result of a cack-handed approach will be people engaging less and you becoming just another part of the overall social media noise, if you have nothing new, interesting or original to say!

SEO today – Evolution or Revolution?

Search Engine Optimisation has been generally based around building plenty of links for many years now. The popularity of your Website and therefore its ability to rank in search and get you results has up until recently been largely determined by how many other sites link to yours.

This type of mass link-building has been widely abused and Google are now, increasingly with Penguin 2.0, cracking down on mass link buying and link farms in favour of more personal recommendations, reviews, blogs and links within “quality” original and relevant content.

Building your Authority

There is no better way to build authority for your Website and your brand than to produce content that demonstrates that authority to others online.

There is one thing about any kind of content marketing that makes it rather difficult for many to do succesfully, and that is the amount of time that it takes to create really great, original, relevant and engaging content.

Many marketing agencies employ large teams of people to produce wonderful campaigns that are effective, of course this requires budgets and resources that are just not available to many businesses. But companies such as Mintcandy can help any business to punch above their weight by their sheer effort and determination to get businesses, their clients, to the top in sometimes unexpected and unconventional ways.

Information overload?

Another issue with the popularity of content marketing is the vast amount of content that is being produced – of course not all of it is of a high standard in any respect. In the race to produce the next online “viral” sensation much new content is proving to be irrelevant, uninteresting and thus ineffective in a sea of unwanted information.

YouTube videos are now being uploaded at the rate of 72 hours of video per hour, and there are now more than 60 million WordPress blogs on the web, with over 40 million new posts each month.

Twitter, Facebook, Google + and all of the other social media platforms are also rapidly adding to this ‘information overload’ – so where next for content marketing?

Information collation and onward blogging!

Many top bloggers are now moving toward collation and onward blogging of information that they are sifting through to find the interesting juicy bits, this can be a really effective way to build authority within their (and your) specialised sector of interest.

In this way, canny bloggers can avoid the time consuming practice of writing content themselves. By collating all of the content online around a particular subject, and sharing out the best quality elements of this, these bloggers can provide a truly valuable service to their target audience.

No longer do their followers need to search Google or the social media platforms for that gem of an article on ‘where to go, or ‘how to cook Ratatouille’ etc! The best bloggers are simply finding the best of the internet and passing it on to their followers. The rise in information collation and onward blogging is a powerful and fast evolving trend online right now, Mintcandy are watching it closely!

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