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Over the last few years, more and more businesses have been prioritising their content marketing. By creating content like blogs, infographics and videos, an organisation has been able to promote its products or services while providing the audience with valuable information or entertaining amusement! Although the idea of producing useful and targeted content is nothing new, its prominence and popularity has now spiralled out of control, as the follow statistics from marketers allude to:

  • 73 per cent say content marketing creates improved brand awareness
  • 67 per cent say they’ve received increased leads from content marketing
  • 64 per cent say they’ve increased traffic due to content marketing

But with everyone jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, standing out from the crowd and managing to grab the audience’s attention becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason, it is crucial to develop a coherent and comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Without a plan of action, your blog posts won’t get seen by the right people, your infographics won’t get distributed in all the best places, and your videos won’t be viewed in the right way by your target audience. When you consider the amount of time, effort and money required to create, deliver and promote content, no business can afford to let this happen.

At MintCandy, we are able to devise, design and develop a proactive content marketing strategy that meets your commercial objectives whilst, at the same time, satisfying customer needs and requirements. Although we want you to reap the rich rewards that content marketing can bring to your Brand, we also know how important things like ROI are as well. But what exactly can our content marketing strategy offering give you?

Brand consistency

If you look at some of the most successful brands online today, their marketing materials will always be very distinctive and most importantly, consistent. Even though you’ll no doubt have a recognisable name and unique logo, this isn’t always enough on the Internet. But a content marketing strategy ensures that your brand maintains a consistent tone of voice, so clients and customers know what to expect from you.

Improve efficiency

Even though things like social media, email marketing and PPC advertising work independently, they are all closely related to content. And with a well thought out content strategy in place, which comprises amongst other things of audience personas and editorial calendars, you can improve marketing efficiency.

Press Releases

Let the cat out of the bag! If you create newsworthy stories about your Brand then success will be achieved only if you hit the right Press agencies, publications and portals with your syndication!

Lightbulb moments!

Find all the right hidden places! Content is the best way to achieve what traditional advertising is supposed to achieve. Get people to know, like, and trust your brand in all the right places!

Get the balance right!

Mix up your content strategy across all media. Ideally, you really should mix it all up using Video, Audio, Images and written content for maximum impact online! But don’t get disjointed!

Social Networking

Become a social animal! We all know that interesting content spreads via social networks generating powerful word-of-mouth exposure for savvy content marketers when it's done right!

Create Fantastic Content

Roar like a lion online! Online it’s fantastic content that people desire and seek out first. It’s great content that Google wants to rank first too in the search results. Don't forget this!

No hard sells!

Slowly slowly catchy monkey! We say that people really don’t want advertising to when making purchasing decisions, they just want valuable information, so give them it when they need it!


Press Releases


Infographics Created


Successful Content Strategies


Like & Follows

Increase quality

In the early days of content marketing, most businesses were more concerned with quantity rather than quality. Everyone was playing the same game! But churning out unoriginal and repetitive copy is now pointless, as both search engines and online users will instantly dismiss it today. Implement a strategic and cohesive content marketing strategy however and you will keep editorial standards high. In many respects, today one well-written article is much more influential than a dozen poor blog posts.

Effective Copyrighting

Enhance your contents longevity lifecycle

With a well-organised strategy, you can map out how long content will work for, where to redistribute or repurpose it and when you should create something entirely new. We like to see content being used in a variety of different ways and distributed across a variety of different channels, which is only possible with a carefully considered content strategy. Working in this way you will be able to create and syndicate out content across a lifecycle that suits your Brands aspirations, helping to build brand longevity.

Boosting the chances of your contents success

There is no secret or magic formula to achieving your marketing objectives through content, but if you have a cohesive strategy then the chances of succeeding are much more likely. There are several important stages regarding your content marketing, but with a blueprint in place you won’t overlook or fail to take any of them into account. Identifying each stage in advance means creating a coherent and achievable project plan in advance of your campaign. If you get this right then your Brands success is much more of a distinct certainty.

MintCandy’s content marketing approach

We can help improve your content footprint by coming up with a strategy that meets objectives and delivers results. From the initial planning and creation to distribution and promotion, we can provide expert assistance every step of the way.

Our team of content connoisseurs and search specialists will work tirelessly to ensure that your content is useful, interesting, engaging and beneficial to the reader. However, they’ll also make sure that your audience actually get to see this content through our use of cutting edge SEO techniques, syndication and distribution to all the right channels for maximum impact!

For more on how we have helped our clientele, check out some of our case studies and related testimonials. Just like you, our customers often have a problem or challenge that needs solving or overcoming. We listen to these issues carefully first. Then we create an effective strategy and implement this plan of action to deliver positive marketing results.

But the only way we can help your business is by getting in touch. Tell us about your project and we can give you a free quote for our services.

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