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Digital Consultancy

Owing to the fact that traditional methods of marketing such as print advertising and direct mail are nowadays losing their impact and influence, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to publicise their products online. After all, the following statistics prove that digital marketing is fast evolving and here to stay.


  • Half of UK advertising spend in 2015 will go on the Internet and mobile devices
  • Blogs are 63 per cent more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines
  • Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83 per cent more when shopping

It is clear to see from these facts and figures that digital marketing is a rather potent and powerful force. However, problems arise when it comes to actually planning, preparing, developing and delivering an online marketing strategy. For this reason, choosing to enlist the services of a digital consultancy makes perfect sense.


Digital consultants are an ideal option for entrepreneurs and enterprises that do not want to completely outsource their marketing activity, but simply require some additional help from experienced, informed and adept digital marketing specialists. Our marketing expertise can also provide relevant training, remove certain ad-hoc duties, supply development assistance, increase operational efficiency and raise your brand’s profile.


All the while, a digital consultancy will remain focused on your key commercial goals, providing help with technical subjects and industry trends that you might not be aware of. In a nutshell, this is what MintCandy does well, really well! We are a professional and proficient digital consultancy able to deliver cost-effective yet creative solutions that will enhance your online marketing activity across all channels. But why choose us?

Enhancing your online exposure

From ramping up your content marketing footprint with things like blog posts to helping you implement a coherent and compelling Native or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign, we can provide recommendations on how to enhance online exposure.

Passing on our marketing and PR expertise

In addition to living and breathing online marketing every single day, we also have a passion for things like digital PR and native advertising too. On top of that, our team of accomplished staff have their own unique skills and individual talents, which they are more than happy to pass on. If you choose us for your digital consultancy requirements, both your business and your employees will benefit.

Improve communication with your customers

When communicating with people online, you need to adopt a different tone of voice compared to other situations. For example, cold and corporate messages won’t go down well in social media circles. But with the help of a digital consultant, you can improve your communication with customers and achieve your business objectives.

Reducing your operational costs

Instead of bringing in additional staff that will need to be brought up to speed with the business, you can enlist the services of a digital consultant. This is much more cost-effective and will no doubt reduce spending on potential wages. Furthermore, you are much more likely to see a favourable ROI if your approach and activity is handled by an experienced and expert marketing agency.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Increasing your efficiency

By choosing to work with a digital consultancy, you won’t have to worry about getting the finer details of social media, content marketing and SEO right. Industry trends come and go, as the landscape of digital marketing changes all the time, but you won’t need to worry about any of this. Simply concentrate on your organisation’s main priorities, your core business, and overall efficiency will undoubtedly increase.

Boosting your revenue

Although some digital marketing objectives will be concerned with improving online reputations or building consumer trust, every business needs to generate a healthy turnover in order to survive. Choose us for your digital consultancy needs and we will always strive to boost your organisation’s revenue through our state of the art online marketing tactics and techniques.

MintCandy’s digital consultancy approach

With our deep industry knowledge and extensive marketing and PR experience, we can help you define a tight digital strategy that works towards achieving your goals. MintCandy will be there to assist from your initial planning and preparation right through to final deployment and delivery, regardless of the path that is taken.
If you’re unsure about how we can help your business to reach up to the next level, take a look at our testimonials page and case studies. Previous clients have come to us with a wide range of varied problems and challenges, but our adept digital consultancy team have always been able to provide appropriate solutions and delivered stellar results.
But the only way we can help your business is if you get in touch. Let us know what you require in terms of digital consultancy and we will help by providing you with our friendly advice and expertise gained over our years at the deep end of online!

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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