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Good news for the digital marketing world – it’s changing!

Just when you thought you had got the hang of digital marketing, which is the effective promotion of a firm using online channels, everything begins to change again.

Most Internet users are aware of the Google Penguin update and that the algorithms used for delivering relevant search results are being tweaked on a regular basis but few are aware of the potential future changes and what their impact will be on digital marketing.

Many firms with marketing departments are increasingly relying on more traffic and increasing profitability from their digital marketing efforts than ever before.

But because things change so regularly, it’s increasingly difficult for marketing teams, who more often than not did not originally train in digital marketing, to keep up with the changes.

That’s when the logical thing to do is to use a digital marketing agency such as Mintcandy who will fully exploit any digital marketing opportunities and will be fully aware of potential future algorithm changes. This is where the best future prospects for marketing and gaining an edge over your rivals online are to be found. You need to benefit from these changes and this will only be done by staying one step ahead of your competition.

Digital marketing and social media

In a world where most businesses still do not fully utilise the effectiveness of social media, the experts at Mintcandy can create an engaging and impressive social media campaign that delivers real quantifiable results.

So when we talk about things like Twitter and Facebook, how many businesses really fully exploit these social platforms?

There’s no doubt that now Twitter has been floated as a public company that it will look to monetise more effectively its popularity with users which in turn will bring massive opportunities for digital marketers who will understand intimately what is coming down the line.

Among the developments we will see in the coming months is for the major brands to link up their TV advertising campaigns with new Twitter campaigns. They will use their tweets to link potential customers up to their Facebook pages and online website adverts.

The real strength in doing this is that Twitter itself is then not seen as being intrusive. It will fast become an increasingly popular medium, being used by TV viewers, whilst watching their favourite TV shows; some service providers will also allow for a Twitter stream to be displayed on the screen at the same time as the broadcast. This is therefore rapidly becoming real time, in your face, digital PR at its very best!

Join the Social media revolution

This new social media revolution is therefore providing a wonderful opportunity for any cutting edge business to reach a captive audience of any popular TV programme, whether it be reality TV, competition or game show based or just an old fashioned sitcom.

But like everything else to do with digital marketing, judgement is everything and that’s where the experience of social media professionals is well worth having on board.

Digital marketing – it’s not all about the size of your budget

However, digital marketers can be as creative as they like with their ad spend but the bottom line is that content is still going to be king; if not the most important aspect of any digital marketing exercise.

Small businesses should not be intimidated by the term ‘digital marketing’ and believe that only the ‘big boys’ have the financial clout to fully exploit online opportunities. This is not the case.

By using a digital marketing professional, the real joy in this new multi-channel, multimedia world is that a small business can compete as effectively as a global conglomerate.

All you have to do is understand how to fully utilise your online presence because Google, for instance, is effectively blind to the size of the business making the offer and is responding nowadays instead to the demands of its users to supply them with relevant and useful content. Without that optimised content a website will not do quite so well in the organic search results of the major search engines.

Simplifying Digital marketing and social media

This really isn’t an oversimplification of the process, and a lot of digital marketing firms will make this sound more complicated than it really is.

If you are interested in what digital marketing can do for you and your business then contact Mintcandy for a simple explanation of their experience in this fast moving industry. Let them prove to you just what they can do; they’ve had impressive results for other clients, let them show you how they can do the same for you.

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