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Businesses looking to exploit their presence on Facebook need to understand one thing: you will be investing in a process that will be unlikely to deliver any sales directly.

For many people in the business community this is something of a paradox, and explains why the take-up for small and medium-sized enterprises is still relatively low.

So unless a business advertises on Facebook, how do they make money from it?

The answer is: they don’t! All of the major companies have pages on Facebook so they can interact with their stakeholders and customers.

The logic to this is very simple. With more than 1 billion regular users around the world, Facebook provides a business a marvellous opportunity to interact with its audience.

Facebook: Businesses shouldn’t ignore it any more

So while the business may not sell its goods and products on the site, it can link to other promotions and have a dialogue with its customers. This in itself is a great opportunity and creates a shop window for the business to exploit other opportunities.

Those users of Facebook are not going anywhere else in the near term so any investment will be worthwhile.

A business might ask one of its employees who understands Facebook, and who is a regular user of it, to create the firm’s own Facebook page and interact with its audience, or they could delegate the task to their digital marketing manager.

However, there is a better and more effective way – and that is to use the services of an agency who truly understand how a business exploit its Facebook presence. That agency is Mintcandy.

By doing so, you’re guaranteed that there will be regular and worthwhile updates and that the experts will be monitoring conversations and activity to see whether they are being detrimental to you and your business and for an opportunity to promote your brand.

The real secret to using the Mintcandy experts is that they can help generate Facebook ‘likes’ for business because, according to research, each ‘like’ from a fellow user is now worth around £110.

A Facebook ‘like’ is the equivalent of a word-of-mouth recommendation, which in marketing terms is the Holy Grail, and is an endorsement of your business and its services or products. Those people who like you are also more inclined to be more loyal customers and spend more with you.

Here’s another of our popular Mintcandy quick guides:

How a business can use Facebook:

1. Promote. Push your Facebook page on other social media outlets such as Twitter and in adverts and published articles. This will help drive traffic to the page itself.
2. Discounts. Be generous to your Facebook visitors and offer discounts on various goods or services or even offer exclusive content in some form or another. Indeed, some firms give Facebook users a first look at new products coming to market.
3. Popular. Forget the usual marketing blurb as people get this in every other media and instead aim to be friendly. Do not make a business Facebook page as a glorified advert as this will turn visitors and fans off. This is a great opportunity to put a personality to what could be a bland corporate image.
4. Analyse. There are tools available to analyse how your Facebook users engage with your content. For instance are they watching at work, on a smartphone or are they only clicking on your videos? You also need to monitor how much activity you put in creation of the best reaction.

Facebook is a worthwhile investment for a business, but only if they are enthusiastic and prepared to promote their presence effectively.

• Facebook research was undertaken by Syncapse, an American social intelligence firm, which analysed more than 2,000 Facebook users who had liked a brand to calculate how much their product spending and loyalty was worth.

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