Five steps to kick-start your content in 2015

There is little to no doubt that more and more businesses will be allocating a greater portion of their marketing budget for content in 2015. Although the World Wide Web is bursting at the seams with informative and interesting content, numerous organisations believe this technique is the best way to achieve their marketing goals.

But even if you jumped on the content marketing bandwagon last year or even long before then, the same blog posts, infographics and videos can’t be used again. Therefore, it is time to come up with some new objectives as well as some new content.

  1. Conduct a content audit

Despite the fact that old content can’t really be published again, you can still learn a lot from it. Therefore, conduct an extensive audit to discover successful pieces of content, find out why they were so effective and use this to good effect in the future.

Try to be as honest as possible in your assessment because you can arguably learn more from content that didn’t perform well. Categorise your content and make an effort to fill in any gaps. Always keep your audience in mind and create content with a purpose.

  1. Devise a strategy

This is absolutely crucial if you want to introduce and implement a successful content campaign. With a well-thought out and well-structured content strategy, you can plan out all the actions that need to take place.

Think about your objectives and the tasks required to achieve them. Set time limits and deadlines to increase your focus but don’t attempt too much, as this could affect content quality.

  1. Brainstorm some ideas

Consider everything you learnt from content campaigns last year and use this a brainstorming building block. Take on board any feedback you received the clients or customers, conduct some research about the latest industry trends and start to write down a few content ideas.

Again, you have to be honest about what your content lacks. You might require additional help from outsiders such as a marketing agency, but these kinds of sources will have countless ideas on how content can be improved and optimised.

  1. Organise your time and resources

If you’ve devised a comprehensive marketing strategy, then organising your time and resources should be a lot easier. Having everything you need close at hand gives you the best chance of carrying out an effective campaign.

The earlier you can start creating, distribution and promoting, the sooner you will reap the rewards of content marketing. Don’t underestimate the importance of organisation.

  1. Get stuck in

There is no time like the present and once you’ve conducted a content audit, devised a strategy, brainstormed some ideas and organised your time and resources, you can start to put this planning into effect.

It is easy to lose track of your goals or get sidetracked with other priorities, but by drawing up a content blueprint, which should include last year’s successes and failures for greater enlightenment, you’ll be better prepared for a prosperous 2015.

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