Generating traffic for a brand new site with content marketing

Even if you’ve developed a brand new website, which has a fantastic sparkly design, detailed product information and every feature that you think potential customers or clients could wish for, generating ample traffic doesn’t come overnight. In fact, it can be quite a challenge and requires a certain disciplined approach.

Thankfully, even new websites can leverage content marketing to start generating traffic, earning links and appearing on search engines. From there, more extensive and customary SEO techniques and content marketing campaigns can be adopted. But for the time being at least, let’s concentrate on those first few steps.

Comment on blogs

Content marketing is all about getting your brand known and this can be achieved by commenting on blogs that relate to your brand’s industry or sector. Not only will you be viewed as a knowledgeable and authoritative figure, there is the opportunity to include a link to your site or specific landing page too.

There is every chance the generated traffic will be highly targeted, especially if the blog concerns your products or services. What’s more, people who read comments and the bloggers themselves are often influencers that can boost your brand’s exposure and reputation.

Contribute to industry forums

Another proactive way to generate website traffic, industry forums give you the chance to seek out customers and clients with questions, issues or opinions. Generic sites like Quora or the groups found on LinkedIn are good places to start, but more specific forums will provide greater relevancy.

Before diving in head first, browse the forum to see what sort of questions and topics have come up in the past. Gradually start posting replies and then post some threads of your own. However, some forums can be full of spam, so exercise a bit of quality control.

Pay for traffic

Highly targeted traffic will come after time, but to get the ball rolling, you might want to pay for some visitors. Remember that this doesn’t have to be part of your long-term content marketing strategy.

Social media is the best way to go about this, so head over to Facebook for sponsored stories and Twitter for some promoted posts. Try to avoid explicit sales pitches early on and concentrate on upping your audience numbers. You may even generate traffic on social media without even having to pay for it.

Write some guest posts

Writing and publishing an article on somebody else’s blog has numerous benefits, but is ultimately carried out to increase website traffic. As long as the content you produce is a high quality piece that entertains the audience or serves a purpose, you’ll avoid possible adverse reactions from those who believe it is an obvious SEO technique.

Quality over quantity is crucial, as a single top-notch guest post is better than several weak ones. Contact the blogs you’ve commented on and ask to provide content. Always respond to comments and see whether you can contribute regularly.

Generating traffic for a new website is bound to take a bit of time, but if you’re patient in your approach and remain dedicated to the cause, visitor numbers will gradually rise.

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