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  • 16th May 2014
  • SEO

The most sought-after prize for search engine optimisation is to get into the number one position of Google search results for a given search term but businesses still need to be aware that their plan could have unintended consequences.

In a previous post we highlighted the problems of what could happen when a business carries out its own SEO [LINK] and this is a more detailed explanation of the downsides; by using bad links a company website could suffer serious damage.

So rather than having a website with high traffic and a high conversion of paying customers, the business is faced with an expensive SEO rectification because Google has punished their site and placed them lower in their search engine results.

Other than choosing to use pay per click (PPC), the company will have to put right its content and the links to its website from other websites in order to get into the best position.

It is important to stress here that under no circumstances should a business respond to either an email advert or something they have seen online which is promising fantastic results through links to get your website to the top of Google’s search results.

This is unlikely to happen.

Get links to boost the SEO of your company website

While some level of link building is still necessary, it’s no longer the crucial aspect for delivering great SEO results. The main thing to remember is that a business should not confuse having lots of links with the quality of those links.

For instance, clients of a reputable firm like Mintcandy will find that having as few as 10 or 15 high quality links from good websites are worth far more in the eyes of Google than 100 links from low value websites.

It’s these links that some SEO companies are trying to exploit businesses with because everyone knows that to get high in the search engine results you need links pointing to your site.

However, most people don’t appreciate some of the updates and algorithm changes that Google has carried out in recent times have put an emphasis on the quality of content that is contained on a business website.

And the links to the content must come from high-ranking websites since Google sees these as having a criteria to limit who they link to; they won’t just link to anyone and the pages they do link with must have a value to their visitors.

This is where the experience of Mintcandy really does come to the fore: they will help a business succeed online and help them avoid the pitfalls that less reputable firms don’t mind leading their gullible clients into.

Avoid the bad links SEO trap!

A firm could undertake their own search engine optimisation and do quite well because all you need is great content that is well written and relevant to what people want, have the site shared with other great sites and website traffic will quickly rise.

Google has made plain that for a website to succeed they should avoid using paid links. Websites should also avoid article directory links since these are easy to acquire and they previously did work quite well.

However, growing amounts of badly written content that was then redistributed to other websites has led to Google, and the other search engines, penalising many article directories and it’s something that is no longer relevant as an SEO tactic.

As is the publishing of badly written press releases, particularly on free press release submission websites which are now almost completely ignored by Google.

In addition, some of the old free directory sites which businesses would register their details on are now considered to be unreliable and a firm should not have a link pointing from them and to their site.

It can be confusing but contact Mintcandy and have them help you through the SEO maze!

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