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7 reasons why Google Analytics is essential for your business webpage

If you are running a business, there are a wealth of options at your disposal that allow you to monitor and collect data on all user activity on your website. There are many great products out there, but Google provides arguably one of the most desirable options for tracking usage data on your business’ website with their ‘Google Analytics’ e-software.

Here are 7 reasons why Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for your marketing activities.

1. Its Free

You can’t say fairer than that! While Google offers premium packages for a charge, it also provides the core features of its product for free. You do need to sign up for a Google account, but there is a good chance you will have one already. If that is the case…

2. You can sign up in seconds (if you have a Google account)

Google are market leaders in a variety of fields, and have a notable presence in many others. Because of this, it is very likely that you have a Google account already. That includes Gmail and Youtube login details amongst many other services operated by the industry giant.

3. Free mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You can also view your usage statistics via free apps for the Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems, allowing you to integrate monitoring your usage statistics into your digital office and access them while doing work on the move. If you don’t have one of these devices, it comes highly recommended for anybody interested in operating a modern online-enabled business.

4. Bounce and Exit Rates

With Google Analytics you can easily find accurate tracking of your Bounce and Exit rates. With this information you can tailor your content so as to keep people on your website, rather than leaving after a short time.

Exit rates are calculated for each of your sites pages separately and the data represents the % of people who left the website from each page.

Bounce rates are calculated similarly for each page, representing individual sessions of user activity that only last as long as a single page on the website, and don’t click through to any other page.

5. Ability to integrate with Google AdSense account

If you sign up to Google Analytics and you also have an existing Adsense account associated with the same Google account email then the services will be integrated together so you can view the performance of said advertising on your website against the activity on your website so as to potentially improve your earnings.

6. Premium account upgrades… for a price

While the core essential components of Google Analytics are provided completely free, there are some additional features that you are missing out on unless you are willing to pay to upgrade your account.

Additional features gained via premium subscription include; 4 hour data freshness; ability to process upper limit of 1 billion hits; 3 million rows of data available

7. The results for the previous day are available every 24 hours

This one doesn’t need to be explained much: Google provides new data every 24 hours regarding the previous day of activity meaning you can plan and re-assess your strategies on a daily basis. If necessary, the premium subscription package offers a 4 hour data refresh rate.

Google have truly created a powerful cloud analytics platform which offers a healthy selection of features for free, and premium ones at extra cost.

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