Google Launches New ‘Website Call Conversions’ for Adwords

A new Adwords tool has been launched by Google and it’s set to change the way advertisers track their website conversions; for the better. Website Call Conversions enables Adwords’ users to monitor the number of calls from their website, after an ad click.

A Step up From Click-to-Call Ads

According to the recent statistics provided by Google, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly through a search ad. Adwords has already allowed advertisers to track click-to-call ads, calls as conversions and call metrics for some time, so what is the difference? The Website Call Conversions tool has been designed to track the conversions made once someone has already navigated to the website. Now, conversions can be tracked whether a user dials the number or clicks and calls directly from their phone.

How Does It Work?

Google have created a snippet of code that can be added to both desktop and mobile websites. Once the code is in place, a unique forwarding number will be created for each click of your ads. This forwarding number will display for up to 90 days, in order to keep track of any future call conversions. The forwarding number can also be customised to match their website’s branding, including colour, font and size.

Analysing Website Call Conversions

Each click of an ad that results in a call conversion is tracked, allowing the advertiser to attribute each call to a specific keyword and advertising campaign. This enables business owners and advertisers to better understand which keywords are the most successful in driving phone calls. Not only that, but different pages of the website can be assigned specific values; letting you know how valuable a call really is, dependant on where exactly it came from. Therefore it is not only can the number of calls be tracked, but effectively how valuable they could be as well.

Optimise Keywords for Calls

Along with the new Website Call Conversions tool, advertisers can now optimise their keywords and campaigns to drive more valuable calls. Targets CPA and Target ROAS are flexible bid strategies that take into account factors such as the device used, the location of the user and the time of day. As an example, lower bids can be placed when the office is closed and users would not be able to call. Ultimately, this can help maximise the number of call conversions and the quality of each call.

The Only Drawback

There is one slight drawback to this unique Adwords offering; it is only available in the countries where Google forwarding numbers are available. Currently the countries which enable Google forwarding numbers are the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. Whether Google plans to roll Website Call Conversions out globally is yet to be seen.

This new tool has some incredible advantages for businesses that rely on high numbers of good quality calls from customers. If the statistics are right, and 70% of users do call a business from a mobile search, then Website Call Conversions could have an extremely positive impact on businesses that use Adwords.

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