Googles new mobile Algorithm will soon penalise sites

News emanating from Google strongly suggests that, from 21st April 2015, they will be radically changing the way that they deliver search results to mobile device users.

Mobile search results will shortly be more largely based on certain strict new mobile-friendly criteria. Google has confirmed that this will have a significant impact on all mobile searches performed on mobile devices across the globe.

Over 80% of internet users are on mobile devices!

As more than 80% of internet users nowadays access the web on a mobile device this is an important consideration for any web based business. This is because lack of adherence to these new guidelines may have an adverse effect on the sites visitors due to depressed Google Search rankings.

This guide has been written to help you to ensure that your website is up to speed and ready for these important forthcoming changes to the results of mobile searches that are performed within Googles Search Engine.

Our objective is to make sure that you are able to successfully identify any specific problems, helping to ensure that your site passes Google’s mobile-friendly tests.

What do the changes mean to my website?

Here is our full summary of what you need to know to get the best from Googles mobile search functionality.

  • Google will roll out its new algorithm to analyse websites for their ‘mobile friendliness’ from 21st April 2015. The roll-out is expected to take a week or two before it is in full effect.
  • Google have kindly provided a new website analysis tool to help you to analyse your website. This will enable you to gain an insight into the basics of its new ‘mobile friendliness’ algorithm.

The Google Mobile Friendly analysis tool is located here: –

Simply enter your websites URL and the tool will start its analysis.

The issues that the tool analyses, and will highlight if problematical include, amongst other things, the following major elements:-

  1. Your websites text content is too small to read
  2. Website links are too close together
  3. The Mobile viewport is not set
  4. Your websites content is wider than the screen
  • A session was recently held in Google Hangouts regarding this matter. Google hosted a sponsored discussion regarding what this all means to your websites future visibility on mobile devices and how to go about remedying any potential issues.

See here for the Google Hangouts session on this:

At MintCandy we like to keep all of our followers in the loop regarding important changes in search such as this.

To help you further, and so that you can make sure that your website is fully up to scratch and ready for this upcoming change we have also developed a specialist SEO tool for you.

Our SEO tool performs an analysis of your website covering a multitude of various factors which may affect where your website appears in Google Search results (SERPs) on mobile, on desktop and on tablet.

Click here to use our FREE SEO ANALYSIS tool.

Webmasters – Google’s advice to you

Google regularly advises Webmasters of the various issues that it has detected with individual websites which may affect their visibility in its search engine.

Contained within Google’s recent notifications to Webmasters have been things such as how many pages were tested and the percentage of any critical mobile usability errors. Google wants to help Webmasters to perform the following tasks : –

  • Find problematic pages
  • Learn about mobile-friendly design
  • Fix mobile usability issues on your site

To further help, Google has also provided links to some additional steps that can be taken to make your website as good as it can be both in terms of usability and also in terms of your websites future mobile search positions. Furthermore, the information that it has been sending out to Webmasters also contains links to their Developer site to help with building mobile-friendly websites plus the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have in their ‘Google Webmaster Central Forum’.

Pay attention to your user’s online experience for the best search results!

To be a successful business, and Brand, in today’s online world takes a certain amount of hard work, dedication and attention to detail!

It is clear that from now on, you must have an online presence that offers websites visitors, via mobile device or otherwise, the best possible online experience.

Google has now made this abundantly clear to all and sundry!

April Fools? Let’s hope not!

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