Great ways to boost your email click-through rate

Email marketing is an incredibly effective way of interacting with current customers and reaching out to potential new ones too. However, your average inbox is usually filled with countless pieces of promotional material that most people will basically take no notice of. Most of it does indeed deserve the title of ‘junk mail’. In fact, for the vast majority of it the only action taken will be to flag it for the trash bin!

Even if newsletter recipients choose to open your correspondence, how many actually click a link contained within? This is an ever-present problem in the world of email marketing and one with no easy single answer.  This is of course especially true nowadays with the unfortunate prevalence of imbedded email links to sites used to conduct phishing scams!

Therefore to help you when constructing your email, here are several ways to boost your email click-through rate. These techniques have been successfully tried and tested by MintCandy to drive conversion into sales for clients email campaigns.


  1. Use images and infographics instead of text

On social media, images grab the audience’s attention much more effectively than text-based updates and the same goes for email. So, think about keeping your word count to a minimum and include plenty of interesting or engaging images. Infographics explaining your offering with a heavy visual basis can be fantastically effective.


  1. Use buttons instead of links

This is especially effective on mobile devices, as a big and noticeable button is much more easier to tap than a small and discrete link. By choosing a button over a link, your recipients will know exactly what you want them to do and your click-through rate should improve drastically. Also, in these days of phishing, people place more trust in professional appearing buttons than mere links.


  1. Personalise your content

Consumers don’t want to feel like they are generic email recipients; they want to feel respected, valued, and above all else, unique. Therefore, try to collect data about your reader’s wants or needs and tailor email content accordingly. Your correspondence will be much more actionable when it affects the person reading it. Make it personal to them!


  1. Utilise the power of video

Video is quickly becoming the most influential content medium online and there is no reason why you cannot capitalise on this fact with email marketing. As opposed to creating content that directs your audience to a landing page, consider producing a sales pitch video instead. In this way you can get your message across rather more informally.


  1. Create time-sensitive content

By giving your email recipients a deadline, there is a stronger chance they will choose to click-through. They won’t want to miss out on a sale that ends in 48 hours, so instil some urgency in your subject line or CTAs (Call To Actions).


  1. Use a hook for your headline

It will only take a second for recipients to dismiss your email when it lands in their inbox, which means that totally nailing your subject or headline is crucial. You can get straight to the point with a CTA, create suspense and surprise, or give them an incentive to open up and click-through. Give them something that delights and intrigues them!


  1. Share the insights and opinions of others

Online users will appreciate hearing the insights and opinions of others if it relates to your brand or products, so don’t be afraid to include this kind of content in your emails. It also gives readers a break from your own voice too.  Testimonials and reviews can be great sales techniques when implemented with some thought. What appears to be an objective review can work wonders; don’t just take our word for it!


  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of good copy

A lot can be said for enlisting the services of a professional copywriter for your email marketing, as an adept wordsmith will be able to create content that engages your audience but also gets them to click-through. The correct use of English grammar, when composed combining original ideas and writing skills together, has real power behind it.

To find out how the content marketing wordsmiths at MintCandy can help with email copywriting, get in touch and we will show you how to wow!

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