How to repurpose content for social media suitability

Repurposing content is often overlooked in marketing circles, as many will naturally believe that once you publish a blog post, feature article, whitepaper or case study, it can never be used again! This is often for fear of being chastised by both online users and search engines.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you publish and distribute on a different platform, such as social media. As long as you ensure content is of sufficient quality and wasn’t time-sensitive first time around, repurposing can help you target new or different audiences to great effect.

With this in mind, MintCandy has some content repurposing examples, which are suitable for your social spheres and circles online.

Turn a case study into an infographic

Case studies can be used to provide clients and customers with evidence that your product or service actually works. Trouble is this kind of content tends to be rather long-winded and doesn’t always inspire clicks on social media.

But seeing as most case studies feature an abundance of real verifiable facts and figures, they can be repurposed into concise infographics with the greatest of ease. These enlightening images can be consumed quickly and don’t require much comprehension either. For maximum immediate visual impact they really are hard to beat.

Turn a blog post into a slideshow or presentation

Even if your blog post has been broken down into bite size sections featuring plenty of descriptive headers, straight to the point paragraphs, and easy to consume bullet points, some users are still put off by predominantly text copy-based content.

This is where creating a slideshow or presentation makes perfect sense, as this can be compared to flicking through a magazine and picking out the articles of major interest. On top of that, sites like SlideShare have extensive user communities, enabling you to generate new traffic and leads.  This site contains the sum of all the creative hard work and endeavours of its community so is well worth a look for ideas.

Turn a product guide into a video tutorial

Product guides or instruction manuals are a crucial resource for well-informed consumers. However, they aren’t very stirring or stimulating and if users want to know how your product works, they may be put off by a lengthy piece of boring text-based copy.

Thankfully, videos are on hand to provide online audiences with a much more appealing and enjoyable visual experience. You may also want to join forces with popular YouTube celebrities or notable Vine influencers to get your message across to your target audience.

Turn a blog post quote into a social media image

By doing this, you don’t have to adjust or alter the original content in any way but can still bring it to the attention of your audience once again. What’s more, it capitalises on the fact that Facebook and Twitter users are much more receptive to images rather than simple text-based updates.

Quotes can sum up what the content is all about or give users a reason for clicking the link. Try to make your image aesthetically appealing with carefully considered fonts, graphics, and colours.

If you feel you are not getting enough mileage out of content, get in touch with MintCandy and we can work together in order to prolong the life of your previous online publishing activity.

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