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  • 2nd January 2014
  • SEO

A great way to increase the amount of quality, organic traffic on your website is to increase the number and quality of your backlinks. Backlinks are, of course, direct URL referrals to your site from relevant websites or blogs.

A ‘good’ backlink is determined by the source of it – who has linked to your site; the reasons they have linked to your site; and the relevance of your website to the place it is linked from. The ideal backlink would be one that is placed and chosen by the site’s administrator, with the intention of having it viewed by an audience/traffic that is organically attracted to the site. It is also important that this audience considers the editor trustworthy: you want to be linked from a source of quality content rather than trying to spam your own links in as many vaguely relevant places as possible.

If you keep on top of your links, and cultivate their presence in the right places and in a timely fashion you stand to improve both the number and quality of your page-views.

Approach appropriate followers and build a relationship

One way of acquiring quality linkage is to approach your readers. Twitter is a prime example of how to find people who are interested in your website, though WordPress also has tools that allow you to find other WordPress users who are currently following your blog.

What you want to do is find relevant users who follow you through one of these Social Media services and find out whether they operate their own blog or website. If so, try and determine its relevance to your own. If it is a site which discusses a subject resonant with your business/website then it is highly recommended that you attempt to contact them or leave a comment that doesn’t link directly back to your website (this is a common spamming tactic. Spam only yields negative results if you are looking for premium, organic hits on your website). From there you can build a relationship and offer disclosure on your services and business etcetera.

Monitor discussions of your brand and approach non-linkers

The second method we will be discussing here may sound simple after reading, and it is simple but it is also an extremely useful way of building good quality links and comes highly recommended.

There are a variety of ways that you can track your brand online. It is important for a myriad of reasons that your business has a presence on social media, and that you actively use it to your advantage, but you may not know that you can also use social media services to find mentions of your brand.

When using Twitter, you can find discussions of your brand either through hashtags (#), direct addresses from users to your brand (@) and ‘mentions’. If you are using Facebook you can also use hashtags, you can also search publicly viewable status data. Using Facebook’s advanced search options you can find any mention of your brand in conversation as long as it is from an account whose privacy settings allow it. Another great way of monitoring discussions of your brand is via Google Alerts, which allows you to set up so that you get alerts as soon as a word or phrase is mentioned. Just be sure to only use phrases unique to your brand otherwise you will have a lot of unwanted results.

Once you have this information you should leave a friendly comment, post or reply with the person who mentioned you describing your website/services from your own perspective and offering more information – as well as a discreet link where possible. Get in touch with Mintcandy and we will happily explain what can be done to help your website to get to the top of Google.

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