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  • 23rd December 2013
  • SEO

Everyone wants to be number one in Google search results but if you’re not on the first page how would you actually improve your search engine rankings?

Firstly, you look for a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist firm who can help place you there.

The SEO specialist will carry out a series of improvements to help improve your website visibility to the search engines and therefore improve search engine ranking.

However, the important thing to remember when undertaking search engine optimisation is to look at your site’s structure and, more importantly, the content of your site.

Mintcandy is a fast-growing SEO optimisation firm with a growing reputation for bringing impressive results when it comes to improving search engine rankings, though not everything they are likely to say will please business owners!

That’s because the business may have undertaken a number of techniques to boost their rankings but the criteria being used by search engines is changing on a regular basis and what worked even a few months ago is now heavily penalised.

Get your website’s SEO right

For instance, you can’t just have links from any old website pointing to yours; the inbound link must be on a relevant website with a page that has authority.

The search engines are very quick to penalise websites for this type of transgression which means that SEO is now a fine balancing act between finding what works for search engines such as Google and what would bring punishment in terms of a lowly position!

There’s no doubt that being indexed for relevant keywords will help bring traffic to a website and by utilising SEO services and strategies the prospect of success is increased.

Get your SEO strategy wrong and you will badly affect your rankings within the search engine results – or even be removed from their search results altogether – until a time that your website has improved enormously.

As a business, you may well be the best at what you do but Google is not interested in what you’re offering; it is entirely focused on delivering the most relevant results for a search engine query.

So the search engines now are far more intelligent in examining what a website claims to be offering and whether it is using questionable techniques to generate its high ranking.

SEO specialists such as Mintcandy can help keep a business website on the straight and narrow while still delivering impressive levels of free search engine traffic.

Find the best SEO specialists

The other attraction for using an experienced firm of SEO optimisation specialists is that they can help you to define which keywords you should be ranking for and mould your website content to delivering on those.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of this work is that it will throw up keywords that you may not have considered previously but have less competition and which will put you on the first page of Google search results.

Once those keywords have been decided upon, the work on optimising your website truly begins and this will include rewriting content and changing the HTML code so that it is being as effective as is possible.

This is called on-site SEO and will bring fairly quick results in search engine rankings.

Website owners also need to appreciate that there is off-site SEO which also needs to be undertaken and again Mintcandy can work on the inbound links so that they have a natural, topical and authoritative profile from websites with real authority.

The real joy to search engine optimisation is that when a firm or organisation invests heavily in a great site it’s always a wonderful result for all concerned when the SEO work results in massive boosts in the search rankings and lots more new traffic to the website.

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