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The successful operation of any business, especially those aimed at overseas markets, is arguably dependent on how difficult it is for the target demographic to find or access information relating to your products, goods or services.

Traditionally, this would be dependent on your ability as a decision-maker to integrate your business into various national and international communication networks, so as to improve your online presence.

It is just as, if not more important however, to improve your online presence and accessibility on the internet. If you want to operate a successful and relevant business in the 21st century then a strong web-presence is nowadays an absolutely essential element of your marketing efforts.

Three Key ways to improve your web presence

1. Your Website – the core of your business

A website should be at the very core of the digital representation of your business. This article is mostly concerned with the means to achieve this. Without a solid website featuring original content and easy to find contact details plus other relevant information highlighting the products and services that your potential customers would wish to see, your website will not be the success that you are hoping for.

It is important for you to have a good idea before creating a website that you decide what you want it to achieve. As well as the aforementioned essential information – which must be distinctly visible in the foreground of your website’s design – think long and hard about your ultimate aims and objectives!

When approaching the process, you should adhere to your original business plan thus ensuring that the website is as accurate to your overall goals as possible. You must ensure that you rigorously plan and implement the most effective steps towards creating your own personal online representation of your business.

2. Social Networking: shout out your message

In the modern social age, to not be fully integrated, available and active on social media platforms is the equivalent of operating a physical shop without a storefront or sign: your potential customers will not be able to find you!

Become fully acquainted with the leading social media platforms and use them to PR your business. If you do not do this, you will be at a great disadvantage when competing against today’s industry leaders, your competitors online!

Aside from your time, there are absolutely no overheads involved with creating avatars for your business on all of the relevant social media platforms. The key to
successful social networking, like all good SEO, is content.

Facebook and other social platforms act as a ‘lite’ alternative to the traditional blog, and so the content is time-relevant, posts can contain words, photos, images, videos or links.

Just as, if not more importantly, content drives clicks and so to link your content in with your primary social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) drives extra clicks that originate in the content back to your social media pages and those pages should link back to your website: the very core of your online web activity.

3. Social Media/PPC Advertising – Push hard

While content certainly generates clicks through to your website and social media avatars, sometimes the fastest way to both improve your web presence, and attract potential future clients is through advertising.

Almost all social media platforms are (or would like to be) funded by advertising, and some such as Facebook allow you to filter who will see the advert based on demographic-variables that you can choose.

The benefit of PPC advertising on Facebook rather than subscription advertising is that you can create as many different campaigns as you want at no additional cost, opening or closing each campaign, exactly when you want, with 24/7 access to the micro-management and enhancement of your digital marketing campaigns.

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