Last minute ideas to boost SEO in time for Christmas

Just like the scores of shoppers that leave their festive gift buying until the last minute, there will be a great many marketers lagging behind with their SEO efforts in the lead up to Christmas. Even though planning and preparing for this frantic search period should have taken place a long time ago, there is still time to capitalise on the equally frenzied buying habits of online consumers.

Long-term SEO strategies, such as a link-building campaign, will always generate the most worthwhile bottom-line results. However, the following ‘quick-wins’ could give your website a timely boost in the SERP, placing it in front of the eyes of click happy Christmas customers.

Optimise titles and descriptions

Despite the fact that only titles have a direct impact on search rankings, those all important descriptions could mean the difference between a click to your website or a scroll through the other results. That is a massive missed opportunity for you!

You must therefore go back into your titles and descriptions, making sure that they contain relevant keywords. Also make sure that you rewrite them in a way that appeals to the searcher and encourages their click. Try to appeal to all buyers, such as parents buying for their children, rather than just users with a specific interest in your products or services.

Lower your keyword focus

When it comes to keyword research, you usually start with top-tier phrases. But because time is tight with Christmas fast approaching, you will need to look elsewhere in your quest for SEO superiority, which means turning your attention to keywords toward the bottom of the list. These are often longer (long-tail) key-phrases.

If you are offering a niche, brand, or value-add, work out which keywords match with it and give this your emphasis. It’s all about getting the traffic you can, which at this time of year is the low-hanging fruit with less competition.

Optimise your content

Make a list of all your pages and then check it twice to ensure they are all properly optimised with target keywords. You should also review your current rankings and then concentrate on those that appear low on the first page or high on the second, as these stand the best chance of achieving clickable positions.

Don’t try to rush a fast link acquisition strategy. Instead, give precedence to on-site optimisation such as featured snippets, new internal links, combining similar content, and fixing 404 errors.

Update online directory entries

Any organisation with a brick-and-mortar presence should have a Google My Business page already. If not, go and create, verify, and optimise your entry right now, as its not only crucial for local SEO but can also offer an abundance of additional advantages. One, it reinforces to Google that you are an actual company at a verified location. Two, your business is more likely to product a Knowledge Graph result, which automatically grabs the attention of online audiences.

While you’re updating Google My Business, go onto Yelp and claim your listing there as well. Yelp’s algorithms aren’t as sophisticated as Google, but its usually the #1 ranking site under My Business listings and can be a great place for paid advertising too.

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