The LinkedIn statistics that will help you improve your activity

Despite the fact that LinkedIn is different to the majority of other social media sites, it’s actually the third fastest growing network there is. Whereas other platforms and channels are available to everyone, LinkedIn is more business-oriented and tends to attract a ‘professional’ crowd.

But this is by no means a negative point, as there are countless benefits for increasing your LinkedIn activity and footprint. According to research, half of its members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. Therefore, it makes sense to capitalise on this expanding and influential network.

But what sort of things should you be posting? When should these updates be put out there? And how can your activity improve? By looking at the following engagement and interaction statistics, these questions can be answered.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn drives four times as much traffic to your homepage

It is fair to say your content probably gets more likes, comments and shares on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve no doubt got a lot more fans and followers on these networks too. But when it comes to sending traffic to your website, LinkedIn is streaks ahead of the competition.

This statistic comes from a research study conducted by Econsultancy, which lasted two years and consisted of 2 million monthly visits to 60 corporate websites. It found that 64 per cent of social referrals to corporate homepages came from LinkedIn compared to 17 per cent for Facebook and 14 per cent for Twitter.

How can your improve your activity accordingly? Well, its important to remember that all sorts of leads will come from social networks and this traffic is heading straight to your homepage, not a blog post or landing page. Therefore, website content should be consistent with your LinkedIn activity and vice versa.

60 per cent of LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights

What type of content should you be posting the most? Industry insights according to LinkedIn, as the professional network revealed this is what members are most interested in. It says that by sharing appropriate and actionable insights, your business can engage with followers, generate leads and secure conversions.

Company news is said to interest 53 per cent of members, while updates about new products and services are well received by 43 per cent. But sharing your knowledge and expertise seems to be the most rewarding approach.

LinkedIn says that informative updates and useful insights increase engagement rates because members want to be more productive and successful. Therefore, try to be a helpful resource with insights and updates that are applicable, beneficial and transparent.

Content posted during business hours has the largest reach

In order to achieve high levels of interaction and engagement, content should be posted when members are at work. Even though they should probably be focussing on other tasks, LinkedIn’s busiest time is in the morning, Monday through Friday.

Even if you create content in the evenings or at the weekend, it doesn’t make sense to publish your work at these times. Thankfully, there are a few social media tools like Buffer, which enable you to schedule your posts at a more appropriate time. Updates that match up and correlate with your LinkedIn audience stand the best chance of succeeding.

20 posts per month will help you reach 60 per cent of your unique audience

In many respects, you don’t want to inundate your audience with a profusion of insights and updates all of the time. They could soon become disillusioned by your posts, annoyed with the brand and decide to ignore future activity. Then again, there is a danger your followers won’t be seeing important content if your activity level is low.

But the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn found that 20 posts per month could help reach 60 per cent of your unique audience. You could potentially reach a larger percentage of people with more posts, but there are no guarantees beyond LinkedIn’s published figure.

In fact, LinkedIn’s best-in-class marketers post 3-4 status updates per day, per audience, which actually equates to 80 updates per month. Therefore, if you’ve got the content to support your activity, post as much as you can without going over the top. Start with 20 per month and if you have the ability to increase this amount, go for it.

Just 20 per cent of followers are typically reached with a single status update

Although a lot will depend on the amount of followers you have, reaching just one in five isn’t a great return for any account. Posting the odd update here and there or monitoring activity a few times a week simply won’t suffice.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, a regular posting schedule is required and will make sure you reach more than a measly 20 per cent of your audience. Again this can be achieved by scheduling updates with a dedicated tool, but always try to publish a variety of content that all your followers can benefit from.

Employees are 70 per cent more likely to interact with an update than a typical LinkedIn member

If you want regular followers to pick up on updates and interact with the brand, your own employees could hold the answer. LinkedIn has revealed that employees are 70 per cent more likely to take action on your updates than a typical member. Therefore, you should make it easy for employees to like, share and comment on posts so that as many people as possible can see what you’re saying.

Whenever you post an important insight or update, ask your colleagues or associates to get involved. For the most part, employees are one of a business’s strongest assets and this applies to social media too.

Once you’ve taken these statistics on board and started to publish updates accordingly, you should also monitor your engagement percentage in LinkedIn Analytics. This will give you unique and valuable data on how to improve and grow your LinkedIn footprint. As a consequence, your success on the one of the world’s fastest growing networks will inevitably increase.

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