How to make boring content interesting

We are constantly being told about the myriad of benefits that appealing, interesting, entertaining and engaging content can have. However, if your business doesn’t sell captivating products or operates in a monotonous industry, creating content that inspires and arouses can be a never-ending struggle.

That doesn’t mean to say these same organisations can afford to ignore this marketing opportunity. According to research, 61 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content while 7 out of 10 consumers prefer to learn about a brand through an article instead of an advertisement. That being the case, it is incredibly important for any business to try and develop ways to produce content that resonates with their customers.

No matter how boring your business might be, every commercial enterprise can compete online, generate interest and convert prospects into customers through high quality content.

Recognise your objectives and define some topics

Before you even start to consider creating content, some objectives and topics need to be established. Whether you want to increase website visitors or achieve greater sales, it is quite easy to come up with some goals. Picking a range of topics is a bit more difficult, but it all starts with your own creativity and imagination.

Think about subjects that reflect your brand and will engage customers. These topics need to be relevant to the business in some way, but also resonate with your audience. You can enlist the services of a freelance writer of content agency, but there is a danger that they won’t fully understand the nature of your business. If you can find an individual or company that specialises in your line of work, then their creativity will be invaluable. But you will be the ideal person to come up with ideas that are truly appropriate and applicable.

Think outside of the box and ask some questions

Even if you’ve managed to generate a list of topics, they still might not be very interesting or engaging, so you’ll need to do a bit of subject development. Try to look at these topics from different angles, ask someone else for a new perspective and think outside of the box. Instead of telling your audience about the products and services you have to sell, let them know how they can benefit from making a purchase by telling stories, suggesting scenarios, recounting real-life situations or providing examples.

Why would somebody want to buy from you? What benefits does your product or service have? How does it apply to your audiences’ everyday lives? These are the questions you should be asking. However, you can go a step further and suggest what would happen if they didn’t buy the product too. This enables you to differentiate from the competition and create interesting content.

Connect with customers through content

Once you’ve established your objectives, developed some topics, looked at subjects from a different perspective and considered what the audience is looking for, it is time to create content. But before putting pen to paper, remember that connecting with customers through content will ultimately lead to conversions. Why? Because the right subjects and viewpoints let the audience know that you understand what they want and need.

Taking the time to fully comprehend your target market’s desires and requirements might actually take more time than creating the content itself, but it can have considerable benefits in the future. Your audience isn’t a collective entity, they are a group of unique individuals and content needs to be tailor-made to reflect this fact. If you connect with other human beings from a personal perspective, it will be far from boring or tedious.

Evoke emotions and arouse feelings

Bringing about an emotional response from your audience is a prevalent and prevailing marketing technique. Not only does it enable you to connect with real people, it ultimately encourages customers to take action as well.

You could give a true example or tell a fabricated story about your business, which involves some sort of heartache or anguish. Alternatively, you might want to make your audience laugh and recount an amusing customer experience. You can also empower your audience by sharing knowledge, giving demonstrations or providing tutorials. Whether it is sorrow, happiness, empowerment or any other powerful emotion you can think of, evoking a reaction or inducing some passion is always advantageous.

Don’t limit yourself to the written word

Although blog posts, feature articles, case studies and white papers have countless SEO benefits, they might not be the most appropriate type of content for your business. You’ve already thought outside of the box for your subjects and topics, so consider using some other content mediums too. Factual infographics can provide customers with an abundance of informative statistics, entertaining videos will show your brand in a different light while podcasts and webinars are other possibilities too.

Seeing as more and more users are browsing the Internet on their mobile devices, the need for instantaneous and immediate content is paramount too. Your audience might not have time to read through an extensive piece of copy, which is more likely to be boring anyway.

Attract and excite on social media

The majority of social media users visit their favourite networks to be entertained and the same principles apply with sharing content. If you turn up with an absorbing bit of content but your delivery and distribution lacks invention, you’ll undoubtedly struggle to achieve success. Therefore, you need to publicise your blog posts, infographics and videos with excitement, intensity and enthusiasm.

Thankfully, each and every social network is different and you’ll be able to find the platform or channel that suits your brand the best. What’s more, if you have managed to create compulsive, stimulating or thought-provoking content, it has a good chance of getting shared time and time again. Therefore, all that previous hard work and extensive groundwork will be worth it.

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