Making social media work for your business

Businesses, both large and small, have moved from a position of questioning why they should be using social media to one of how they can use social media effectively for their business.

This is something of a conundrum for small business because for social media to be effective it is a time-consuming process but this can be made much easier by using an experienced and successful social media specialist such as Mintcandy.

As our lives increasingly move online, it is this time spent using computers that is dominating our use of social media. People are increasingly emailing, shopping online and interacting with friends on social networks.

Big business recognised this some time ago and moved into engaging with its audiences in an open and friendly way on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Small businesses have been left in a quandary because they are either time-poor or don’t have the financial resources to employ someone full-time to exploit these online opportunities. These same firms have also realised that social media is not just a fad and that they need to ‘do something’.

All businesses know they need an effective website which can be found easily on Google and some will even undertake a PPC ad campaign to ensure that they get some traffic for competitive search terms but few will appreciate that they can get large amounts of traffic by engaging on Twitter and Facebook plus other networks like YouTube.

Social media is now a fixture in our modern lives and these opportunities should be fully exploited to both win new business and encourage a growing customer base. The main point to remember is that a small business can compete on equal terms with a much larger business in these arenas if the right approach is taken.

How business can use social media effectively

Even if a business is not proactive in promoting itself online by using social media networks, it is vital that they monitor what is being said about them and respond effectively to any situations which may be critical of them, their goods or their service. Your good brand image must be protected from adverse messages.

This exercise alone presents a business with a big problem; social networks are active 24/7 and usually outside of normal office hours which means there needs to be in place a way of monitoring these conversations and engaging with them whether they are positive or negative.

There has been a definite trend from businesses initially asking WHY they should be on social networks to HOW can they fully exploit their presence on the networks? The answer is to use a specialist firm such as Mintcandy who have an extensive tool-kit of techniques to help you to achieve outstanding results.

The real secret to successful engagement is to create effective content that is both original and interesting to the consumer. This content must then be shared on a variety of social media outlets to engage with a wide range of new and existing audiences.

By outsourcing your social media needs, a firm such as Mintcandy can generate interesting content and then re-purpose it for the various different outlets to ensure that the largest number of people get to hear about your business and what it means to themselves and their families lives.

Use social media for better Google search results

This tactic is also vital for generating first page results for organic searches in Google.

This means a business may have to re-think its website content, it may need to better describe who they are and what they do, it may mean starting a business blog which utilises keywords and search terms. It may mean uploading photographs, images and short videos on a regular basis. These videos can be placed on a dedicated channel on YouTube, one of the biggest generators of online traffic.

So, in addition to content being interesting, the definition of ‘good’ content is anything that gets an audience to engage with it and share your content with others.

The process itself is straightforward for those who understand social media and how a business can exploit the incredible opportunities but this can be a time-intensive exercise. The content must be aimed at the end-user; this is critically important, get this right and you will never look back!
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