What do we mean by digital marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ is yet another new addition to our business vocabulary and while many businesses have opted to ignore it because they don’t understand the term, that is no longer possible with the online opportunities being missed.

In addition, there are many people who work in marketing who also don’t understand or appreciate what digital marketing actually is because the landscape is constantly evolving.

This means that marketers tend to feel challenged because they have to relearn new skills and keep up with the fresh opportunities being presented by new channels.

So while it’s easy to opt for the obvious Twitter and Facebook presence in a bid to reach the biggest online audiences, that might not be the most effective digital marketing path for a business.

This is why a conversation with a digital marketing firm such as Mintcandy will help reveal more effective ways for a business to connect and communicate with their online stakeholders.

Measure your digital marketing efforts

Most firms will want to measure their marketing efforts which is more straightforward if you only use a few of the big channels but increasingly companies are having to create bespoke strategies to target different parts of their audience by using targeted advertising, such as PPC ad campaigns, and micro websites.

It’s also increasingly important for a company to promote its brand effectively which means that people in other countries will also have to understand and appreciate what your company is offering.

Indeed, the world of marketing is changing with money moving from direct-mail marketing, for instance, to a more effective online presence. Budgets are also being switched from display advertising and email promotion as marketers try to capitalise on the benefit of effective online promotion.

And that is the hub of what a company like Mintcandy will do for its clients when it creates a digital marketing strategy – it is the promotion of the firm and its offering to bring quality traffic and customers.

As with any marketing campaign, the analysis of a digital marketing effort should be carried out to calculate the ROI (return on investment) to ensure that the budget is being spent effectively to meet the business demands of engaging with its audiences.

It’s this point which is increasingly important in the world of digital marketing; a marketer must coordinate their message across all of the different channels in a campaign.

To do that they need to understand and appreciate how one works and how it impacts on a customer’s engagement with the business which is illustrated by the increasing trend of consumers engaging with a business on mobile devices.

Tips for a successful digital marketing campaign

This trend for consumers to access information at any time and from anywhere is having a major impact on how the Internet works and is delivered. People no longer have to sit at a desk to engage with a business which gives the consumer more power in making decisions and evaluating a brand’s offering.

With so many companies and brands competing for attention on the same channels, it’s vital that a company makes itself as attractive as possible so that they do not get ignored.

It’s also important that the business is interesting to capture the attention of consumers too; there’s an increasing need to make consumers curious about their offering which is where a smart digital marketing campaign is important.

And with a growing trend of social media playing an important role in all of our lives, it’s important that the business or brand gets talked about in a positive light on these platforms.

There are ways and means of achieving all that’s necessary from a successful digital marketing campaign but the easiest, and quite often the best, way is to contact Mintcandy and discuss what we can do for you.

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