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MintCandy has created a multitude of mobile centric marketing campaigns and mobile platforms enabling successful brand engagement.


Seeing as smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Apple have revolutionised the way we access information online, communicate with each other and go about our daily routines, more and more businesses are starting to prioritise mobile marketing. But in order to understand just how important and influential mobiles can be, here are some mind-blowing statistics:


  • 3 per cent of ecommerce website traffic comes from mobile devices
  • 60 per cent of global mobile consumers use mobile as their primary or exclusive internet source
  • 76 per cent of people say they are more likely to read a message sooner if its a text message rather than an email

But perhaps most importantly for the point we want to get across, 64 per cent of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing have made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant message to their smartphone or tablet. In today’s competitive online world, this will be seen as a rather meteoric statistic that cannot be ignored!


And whilst it is probably fair to say ROI is often the top priority, some businesses may be more concerned with improving their customer experience and building strong relationships. Thankfully, this is also possible with mobile marketing, as its benefits extend beyond raw profitability. Along with increasing website conversions, you can also ensure your messages get to be seen by the right people whilst boosting your brand’s online reputation.


This all means that you simply cannot afford to ignore the emerging power and potential of mobile marketing. And if you want to reap these rich rewards, then MintCandy can naturally provide you with a helping hand. But exactly what can we do for your business?

Enhance user mobile experience

When visiting your site via mobile or tablet, users want to have an enjoyable and beneficial experience, but this cannot be achieved on pages designed primarily for desktop. However, we focus our efforts on mobile users first and then expand this to other platforms. All the while, your clients or customers will be able to navigate and interact with an attractive yet functional site. We call this Mobile-centric design.

Target the right mobile audience

One of the best things about mobile marketing is that it allows you to target specific users and demographics. In addition to targeting individuals or groups according to age, gender and location, you can also narrow down your audience by interests, mobile browsing data and several other valuable metrics. With our mobile-centric marketing offering, we give you the opportunity to reach out to specific target segments within specific audience profiles.


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Boost brand reputation

When either existing clientele or potential new customers visit a site that isn’t responsive and optimised for mobile devices, they will probably leave quickly and make a purchase elsewhere. But with a site that is tailor-made for smartphones and tablets, these same consumers will think more highly of the brand, and will more likely buy a product, recommend it to friends or family members and keep coming back for more.

Improve your customer relationships

Mobile marketing isn’t all about optimised websites though, as we have already seen how text messages are often viewed as more favourable methods of communication than email. We can introduce and implement new SMS campaigns for your business, which will be picked up quickly, increase engagement and improve customer relationships and loyalty.

Increase your bottom-line conversions

Securing sales and encouraging new prospects to convert is an ever-present challenge, which has become even more difficult thanks to today’s extensive online world. But with a mobile marketing strategy, which addresses the wants and needs of our digitally connected society, you’ll stand a far better chance of increasing bottom-line conversions.

MintCandy’s mobile marketing approach

From strategic planning and audience profiling to mobile campaign design, development, delivery and reporting, MintCandy is there every step of the way to make sure your mobile marketing activity succeeds. Our team have a real passion for mobile marketing and strive to provide you with the right solutions for your business. We put our heart and soul into Mobile-centric campaigns for all our clients.
We will happily show you examples of our mobile-centric marketing activity and can thus demonstrate how it will benefit your brand. Previous case studies will reveal the challenges we identified for clients prior to starting their campaigns and show how we overcame these by putting our client’s objectives first. We can also explain our campaign results to you and just how these were achieved resulting in testimonials from satisfied customers.
But the only way we can help your business succeed with mobile marketing is if you get in touch! Tell us about your project and what you want to achieve. We’ll give you our impartial advice and provide a free quote on what we’d be able to deliver to you, all along the way.
Don’t let mobile marketing pass your brand and business by, a massive opportunity is there right now for you, jump on-board!

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