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For those unfamiliar with the term native advertising, this refers to an advert that blends in with the content around it and doesn’t intrude on the user’s browsing experience. For example, promoted posts on Facebook look like any other Newsfeed item, but are actually forms of native advertising. Why would you choose to use this form of publicity instead of banner ads or other marketing techniques? Well, the statistics speak for themselves.


  • Native advertising generates up to an 82 per cent increase in brand lift
  • 70 per cent of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising
  • Purchase intent is 53 per cent higher with native advertisements

Even though most savvy businesses today are intent on achieving digital marketing prosperity through organic means, this doesn’t mean to say paid for promotion isn’t an effective and influential tool. As you can see, native advertising is well received by online users and shows no signs of slowing down or diminishing in influence any time soon.


The problem with traditional forms of advertising is that you can never be completely sure whether the right people are taking notice or even seeing your promotional material. Although the targeted nature of Pay Per Click (PPC) and banner ads can overcome this challenge to some extent, nowadays users are wise to this explicit publicity and will ignore them straight away.


However, native advertising takes advantage of the average online user’s thirst for knowledge and capitalises on current trends relating to content marketing. If this sounds like a promising proposition for your business, then perhaps you should get in touch with us here at MintCandy. With our knowledge of paid Native promotion coupled with a passion for content marketing, we are able to create compelling native advertising campaigns. But what other advantage does native advertising afford?

Provide relevant messages

Native advertising is yet another way of presenting your clients and customers with relevant messages, which they will find useful, valuable, informative or entertaining. This is sometimes difficult to achieve on social media or with content marketing due to the sheer number of businesses looking to do the same thing, but native advertising is both unique and innovative.

Increase consumer engagement

Even if you are creating artefacts and resources for your customers to benefit from, they may not be finding this content very enjoyable or agreeable. But with native advertising, you can catch the eye of your audience and keep their attention, thus increasing engagement.

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Enhance user experience

Regardless of whether your target audience is going online to communicate with friends, find product information or simply be entertained, the last thing they want is an interruption. But in addition to providing customers with an unobtrusive promotional message, native advertising can enhance the user’s overall browsing experience and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Generate greater awareness

In today’s overcrowded online world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create brand buzz or generate greater product awareness. Thankfully, native advertising can get consumers excited about your goods and services in a way that isn’t possible through other means of digital marketing.

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Target relevant users

Just like other forms of paid promotion, native advertising allows you to target a very specific set of individuals. Therefore, you can be sure your content is being seen by the right people in the right place, something that is very difficult to achieve with content alone.

Encourage customer action

Depending on where your prospect is in the buying cycle or sales funnel, native advertising can encourage customers to take action. From signing up for a free trial to actually purchasing a product, native advertising has the potential to be very influential.

Mint Candy’s native advertising approach

First and foremost, we will take a look at your target market and put together the best strategy possible in order to drive cost-effective, high conversion native advertising traffic to your website. On top of that, we will make sure the content is relevant to your audience and the organisation’s commercial objectives.

From the initial stages of planning and preparation to final deployment and ongoing optimisation, we make sure that every stage of the native advertising process receives the same levels of attention. We also guarantee that native advertising can be seen on mobile, contains convincing copy yet delivers a favourable ROI

Before long, you can expect native advertising to become the norm, as more and more businesses are beginning to recognise its many merits. Therefore, act sooner rather than later and speak to MintCandy for useful advice.

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