New to SEO? Here are three fundamentals you need to know

Despite the fact SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been a marketing industry buzzword for quite some time now; this ever-present practice is naturally constantly changing! This means that any newbies must get up to speed straight away and understand where the latest algorithm goalposts are positioned. Newbies need to know what kind of impact their work will have but must tread carefully or the opposite effect to that intended may occur! DIY SEO is fraught with difficulty so you must at least get the basics right.

Having said that, there are some aspects of SEO that have stayed the same over time and it is crucial for you to comprehend these fundamentals before attempting to tackle any advanced techniques on your own.

At MintCandy, our SEO specialists put these building blocks at the bottom of every successful search strategy before looking to add and implement further, more advanced, optimisation tactics.

  1. SEO is all about the user experience

To understand what SEO is all about, you must look at the objectives of search engines like Google and Bing. Through their respective algorithms, they will attempt to locate the most relevant results based on each individual’s search terms. They want to show their users the best selection of relevant webpages out there, fulfilling their search request with a useful and informative set of search results. To the search engines, it is basically all about their user’s intent when they were performing the search.

Therefore, your website should be creating and delivering an experience that fulfils this basic requirement. Regardless of whether your target audience wants to buy something, retrieve a piece of information or go somewhere with their search, your SEO footprint must be geared towards satisfying the user’s intent.

From a design perspective, this means meeting the wants and needs of both online users and search engines. Include HTML sitemaps for better crawlability, navigational elements to guide visitors around the page, and text-based blogs for greater comprehension.

  1. Inbound links and title tags still play a crucial role

In the early days of SEO, inbound links and title tags were considered to be two essential aspects that simply couldn’t be ignored. But while some believe they do not carry as much weight as they once did, ignoring these two factors would be a big mistake.

Seeing as your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position is heavily dependent on authority, numerous marketers have prioritised social signals and co-citation. However, inbound links remain the biggest algorithm consideration when it comes to ranking websites alongside the actual content on offer.

On top of that, title tags are what a search engine looks at when indexing a web page, which means they need to include relevant keywords and ideally, your brand name. This is also what a user will see in the SERPs, so getting it right remains pivotal for the user experience too.

  1. Content is the king of SEO

In many respects, SEO remains quite a technical discipline, as we have alluded to with our user experience suggestions. However, things like keyword density pale into insignificance when compared to content, which is far and away the king of SEO nowadays.

Most marketing professionals will be sick to the stomach of hearing this, but it remains a cold hard fact. If you constantly create interesting, informative, and engaging content, you will receive more website traffic, more inbound links, and more social activity. Search engines will recognise this great content and bump you up the SERP. It is fairly simple really; you just need to be the best!

Although content marketing usually takes quite a bit of time and effort to implement successfully, the rich rewards it can potentially afford are incredibly far reaching from an SEO point of view. To win favour with Google et al you must put the effort in to reap the rewards that it can bestow upon you.

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