Say NO to templated website design

If you want your company to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd then you need to ensure that you STAY AWAY from cheap templated websites, that means ignoring the TV adverts offering websites from £99.00. Speak to real website design professionals that offer a bespoke website design and development service.

Yes, it is true that you can go online and purchase websites very cheaply, choose from a pre-defined list of templates, add your logo, company images and some text and the idea is that you have a nice company website, right?… Wrong!

One of the fundamental tenets of Marketing is ‘Design Drives Decision’, what this means is that your potential clients, whilst looking at your website, will potentially be making a PURCHASING DECISION right there and then!

If you have a poorly ‘designed’ template website, then you will most likely have lost the opportunity to ‘wow’ your audience, a poor website will likely result in your potential client looking elsewhere at something more interesting – you have only seconds to grab their attention – make them stick on your site!

With templates, what you actually end up with is the same website as thousands of other companies, a cheap and nasty product that will not empower you or your business.

Good websites are all about making the right impression, remember this is the shop front to your company, you want people to be “wowed” with the look and feel of your site, not thinking, “oh great another templated website”.

Ask yourself why you don’t see people wearing the same pair of shoes, or driving the same cars, or all eating at just one restaurant? The reason is because individuality is very important, it makes us who we are, it allows us to stand out from the crowd and that means we get noticed, and the same rules apply to business.

A website is one of today’s most important marketing and sales tools so make an effort and invest the time needed and you will see the returns.

Poor Design and useability is not the only reason to stay away from templated websites its also horrendous for getting found in Google and other search engines. By now you know your new website is just a carbon copy of thousands of others doing the rounds in cyber land, however that is not the main problem. Your new templated website will be missing vital code needed for search engines to correctly read and index it, from missing meta tags, H Tags, Title tags, Robot text and correct descriptions, templated websites are to SEO what Kryptonite is to Superman!

Like many of the worlds greatest website design agencies, Mintcandy offer only 100% bespoke website design services from their offices in Maldon, Essex. We ensure our clients receive a product that will be as unique as their business is. So please lets stop even considering using websites that reguritate the same old tired designs to anybody stupid enough to part with their money.

Dont scrimp on design, it is your shop-front online, it is your only real chance to grab consumers attention, make it count!

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