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Mintcandy’s top 10 SEO rules, tips and principals

Ensuring your website ranks high up in an online search has become the number one priority for online organisations and digital marketers. Utilising SEO techniques is no longer a set of fixed rules, as search engines like Google and Bing constantly change the algorithms and parameters used to find, read and index websites.

Although SEO has the potential to completely dominate how a website is built and created, it is vitally important to recognise the fundamental details in terms of design and development. So here is a top ten of what to consider when it comes to SEO.

1. Respect Google

Traditionally, it was quite easy to outsmart Google and ensure a high page ranking. However, building as many links as possible is no longer effective and Google will penalise any website that doesn’t play by the rules.

Therefore it is important to respect the algorithms Google uses, as the search engine is a lot smarter than you think. Google does not want to reward websites who have the best SEO techniques; it is more interested in quality content.

2. Prioritise your customer

Trying to create a website that employs numerous SEO techniques but neglects quality content is a big mistake. Users will soon realise that the page has been created to satisfy the needs of Google, not the requirements of the customer.

3. Concentrate on quality content

A visually appealing design with a high standard of written copy will not only please Google, but will also keep customers coming back, an important factor for SEO.

Ensure all text is free from spelling or grammar mistakes, aim for at least 500 words in the main piece of copy and try to be enthusiastic about your business.

4. Concentrate on the fundamentals

A page’s URL, title, meta description and content headers are some of the most influential elements to SEO, so ensure this core structure is covered. Although these areas should be keyword rich, they also needed to be consistent and relevant.

5. Speed is important

The speed in which a page loads is also one of Google’s ranking algorithms, so try and make your site as quick as possible. The size of images is one of the most important considerations, therefore all visual content should be compressed.

6. Keep hold of visitors

Known as the bounce rate, Google will track how frequently a user will go to and from your site. Retaining visitors is vital, so interactive features and video rich content is encouraged.

7. Make links

Hyperlinks to external sources in your website’s copy may seem like a bad idea, but Google will reward this with a higher page ranking. Anchor text and surrounding words should be relevant to the destination site.

8. Ask the experts

Although some of these tips and pointers might seem easy to execute, dedicated digital marketing agencies posses the knowledge and expertise to truly improve your online presence. SEO specialists Mintcandy are experts when it comes to enhancing websites for higher search results.

9. Increase traffic

While this is more to do with the field digital marketing, driving traffic to a website will dramatically improve its ranking. Social network profiles are fantastic at directing customers to an organisation’s site.

10. Have an HTML alternative

Although Flash websites look great, the content is not always picked up by search engines and cannot be viewed on certain devices. An HTML only alternative will ensure your site receives recognition.

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