Paid search tactics that will carry over into 2015

Owing to the fact that paid search enables businesses to target specific audiences and make strong assumptions about where a customer is in the buying cycle, this marketing technique remains incredibly worthwhile. What’s more, 45.5 per cent of people can’t identify paid results, which makes it even more attractive and potentially lucrative for any savvy online marketer!

In 2014, there was an abundance of new optimisation tactics, products and strategies available to campaign managers and PPC marketers. Thankfully, these will continue to be equally important in 2015 and have the power to notably increase the effectiveness of your paid search activity.

Call Out Extensions

Giving marketers the ability to add even more messaging to ad copy, Call Out Extensions are still relatively new, making their debut in September 2014. But for the coming year, expect more brands and businesses to take advantage of this feature.

Three new messages up to 25 characters each can be show in an ad’s main description and can work alongside other extensions such as reviews and site links. On top of that, Call Out Extensions benefit from scheduling, which means if free shipping is only available during a certain holiday or sale, the message will only appear then.

Custom Affinity Audiences

Introduced to the Google Display Network in October and November 2014, Custom Affinity Audiences allows for a combination of interests and sites to be attributed to the perfect customer. The purpose is to increase engagement and reach ready-to-buy consumers lower down in the sales funnel.

After you’ve selected this option under the Interest & Remarketing tab, you can add a custom name to your affinity audience together with organising interests and visited sites to establish the right audience. This tactic also provides deeper awareness of your audience by including interests that will resonate with desired visitor groups. Demographic data delivers stronger insights for smarter targeting and better results too.

Bid Strategies

Even though there are now six flexible Bid Strategies to choose from, which can help improve the success of an AdWords campaign, it is advisable to play safe and use them sparingly until you notice positive results.

The strategies include Maximise Clicks, Enhanced CPC (Maximise Conversions), Target Search Page Location (Ad Positioning), Target CPA, Target ROAS, and Target Outranking Share. They can be applied to specific keywords, ad groups or campaigns, giving marketers the choice of trying out a strategy without having to fully restructure the entire account.

Engagement Ads With Video

One of the newest paid search tactics available through the Google Display network, Engagement Ads, are a great way to improve the individual’s browsing experience and markedly enhance engagement. When consumers click, a light box opens up and enables them to watch a video or connect with the company without leaving that page.

This display ad option could be huge in the coming year, as users benefit from immediate brand engagement and interaction on a variety of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. As far as shopping is concerned, consumers are presented with a direct buying scenario outside of the search page.

All we can say is watch this fast emerging space in 2015!

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