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Pay Per Click Management – In A Nutshell

Pay per click (PPC), sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search, is a form of online advertising that you only pay for when someone has actually clicked on your PPC advert and therefore ‘landed’ on your website. PPC however does not guarantee that your advert will appear on a search engine results page (SERP) when a user has searched on a specific keyword or term. Your Ads visibility will be affected by many factors, many related to your competitors and their Ad spend.

PPC is used to increase the number of people visiting your website, it was historically the perfect method of online advertising to quickly make your site visible in the search engines and to start instantly generating traffic to your site, but nowadays this is more dependant on your competitors and the aggressiveness of their own PPC Campaigns.

The most common form of PPC ads are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) either above the ORGANIC search results or to the right-hand side of them. These adverts are always clearly labelled as Ads or Sponsored Results which helps the user to differentiate them from the organic (often SEO dependant) listings.

With search engines, advertisers basically BID against their competitors on keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market. Content sites will often charge a fixed price per click rather than using such a bidding system. PPC DISPLAY advertisements, sometimes known as BANNER ads, are then shown on web sites or search engine results with related content that have agreed with Google, Bing, Facebook etc that they can show Ads from their network.

In contrast to the generalised portal, which seeks to drive a high volume of traffic to one site, PPC implements a version of the AFFILIATE model, this therefore provides purchase opportunities wherever people may be surfing online.

PPC achieves this by offering financial incentives – normally in the form of a percentage of generated revenue – to its affiliated partner sites. The affiliates provide purchase-point click-through to the merchant. This is therefore basically a pay-for-performance model – If an affiliate does not generate sales, it represents no financial cost to the merchant. Variations around this general theme include Pay Per Click, Banner exchange and revenue sharing programs.

Paid Search Management – Agile And Responsive

PPC (Pay Per Click Management), basically this is all about attracting high volume, high conversion traffic at the best price thus reducing your Cost Per Conversion (CPC) / Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). If you are looking for a professional partner to help with identifying the best PPC Campaign strategy and associated goals to develop your online presence then you are in the most capable hands with MintCandy.

Target – Click On It!

We will analyse your target audience and put together the optimal strategy to drive the most cost-effective high volume, high conversion PPC traffic to your website.

MintCandy can audit both your historical and potential Keyword and Key-phrase combinations to assess their effectiveness in order to give your new PPC Digital Marketing campaign the best possible head-start.

We are more than happy to analyse both your existing and historical campaigns to see where we can add real value to your future Pay Per Click Management Campaign.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search has changed. Today there are many options from AdWords/BingAds PPC through to Remarketing, Display and Native advertising.

PPC Remarketing

How do you turn your potential customers into loyal returning customers? Try re-engaging visitors by reminding them of your Brand! Re-displaying your Adverts will mean that you will enter their subconsciousness!

Social Advertising

How do you create general social awareness about your Brand? A great way is to create a social media campaign, using Paid models, to get your message and identity across!

Display Advertising

By using Banner adverts - and similar formats - on the websites that matter to you, i.e. where your potential customers may be, your Brand Identity, offers and deals can make a real impact - whether you need a Brand Awarenss or direct response campaign, we can help.

A/B Split Testing & Time Slicing

This methodology will also be utilised to identify the highest performing Ads. By altering the campaign to target specific Days and by Day Parting, the optimum times to advertise will be determined.

Campaign Extension & Optimisation

The monitoring of Keywords over time will determine which Keywords are performing best, we will incorporate new Keywords as the online marketing landscape adapts to new trends. It is important that the effectiveness of the selected Keywords is regularly monitored because, over time, the most effective Keywords will change.


Campaign Optimisation – MintCandy will utilise filters and rules to influence actual bids at the Keyword level. This will help to ensure that the target ROI is achievable.

PPC For Mobile

Mobile PPC is fast evolving. Google's brand new Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords work better for mobile campaigns than before. Mobile PPC ads can also generate a direct response through telephone calls or send traffic to pages on your site designed with mobile devices in mind.

Competition Research & Keyword Generation

We will first analyse your competitors to gain an insight into what approach is working best for them, in terms of their AdWords/PPC campaigns.

We will fully analyse and then identify the optimal Keywords that must be targeted to drive the highest conversion vs CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) traffic to your website. Your ROI is our top priority.

Targeting & AdCopy Creation

We will select the best target market, for your business, by assessing multiple factors such as demographic, language, location and device.


AdCopy Creation – We will create multiple Google AdCopy variations and analyse results in order to drive the highest possible click-through and conversion rate.

Campaign Audits

Getting the best from Paid Search for you and your business is what makes us tick!


We would like to help whether your requirement is based simply around Pay Per Click (PPC) or also includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Digital PR or a mixture of these elements.


A fresh and objective analysis of your existing PPC campaign may be a real eye-opener for you!


You may think that you have covered all bases already, but have you, are you really getting the results that you had hoped for ? Let us do the hard work, analysing where you really are at, you will get the true picture from us.

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Working together with MintCandy will lead to your web assets beating your competition online.

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