What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Alongside the crucial role that organic search plays in the success of a company website, there is also another tactic that firms can use and that is Pay Per Click (PPC), most often using Google Adwords to achieve results.

There are several reasons why a company should pay for traffic even though traffic will also come from organic search engine results and they are down to choice: needing to be on the first page quickly or having a special promotion in mind.

PPC is yet another term that businesses have had to become accustomed to and is essentially a way to describe how a firm can advertise online, particularly with Google.

So, rather than having to pay for a campaign, the advertiser simply pays when someone clicks on a link within an advert to visit their website.

One of the upsides of this is that the advert is seen by many more people than those who actually bother to click on it which is great for promotion of brand awareness.

The obvious downside is that relatively few people click on adverts and, for some of the more competitive search terms, pay per click can seem to be a very expensive and fruitless exercise.

How to find a Pay Per Click (PPC) expert

It’s for this reason that a company should consult with a Pay Per Click expert who can help guide them through the process and help deliver impressive results; almost as good as having natural organic search engine traffic.

From the wording of the advert, and this is generally speaking for Google AdWords, to defining which keywords should be targeted and allocating a PPC budget, the specialist will help a PPC campaign to be far more successful.

This is, of course, generally known as getting ‘more bang for your buck’!

One of the leading firms for offering this service is MintCandy who have a fast-growing reputation for delivering incredible PPC results for a minimal outlay.

And just as natural search optimisation is a specialist skill, a company will soon realise that the same is true of a firm specialising in PPC advertising who may suggest that other search engines and avenues, such as Facebook, Yahoo and Bing, may also be worth investing in.

Other forms of Pay Per Click advertising

PPC also incorporates the many opportunities brought to advertisers by traditional banner advertising, which is to place an advert on a website that people click on; these tend to be more colourful and interactive to both attract attention and promote brands online, potentially across the Google Display Network.

Paid Search

Pay per click (PPC) is also known as ‘paid search’ because an advertiser is paying to get their advert before the organic search results that are displayed in the SERPs. In Google, these are the adverts above and to the side of their results, and nowadays sometimes at the bottom of the results page too!

Google AdSense – Google Display Network

The Google Adwords account also allows adverts to be remarketed using Google AdSense across the Google Display Network – this uses websites where their owners have signed up to allow Google to place these remarketing adverts. This particular marketing methodology is also known as ‘Ad Retargeting’ to save you from any confusion!

Cost Per Impression

In addition to having to pay every time a potential customer clicks on an advert, an advertiser can also utilise an advertising program where they pay for their advert to be displayed for a set number of times. This is known as CPM, or cost per impression.

Again, depending on the search terms being sought for the advert, the potential click could be quite expensive and it won’t take long for lots of people to click on a link and not buy anything for the PPC campaign to be in real trouble.

This is why their PPC experts will not only explain what they can do but also detail how a firm’s ROI (Return On Investment) will be money well spent.

The bottom line for undertaking pay per click is that it’s a shortcut to getting onto the first page of Google’s search results and can be particularly useful for a short term advertising promotion or campaign.

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