The potential drawbacks and disadvantages of social media

There is no denying the power and influence of social media. From increasing brand exposure and improving reputations to interacting with consumers and promoting products, these communal networks provide several advantages for any business.

Even so, it has the potential to be quite harmful and dangerous too. When you consider the fact that 74 per cent of online adults have some sort of social media presence, you can ill afford to fall victim to these drawbacks and disadvantages.

Complaints and criticism

In this day and age, if a customer complains about your business, it will be out in the open for everyone to see. Online review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor can be incredibly damning for a business and social media is no different.

What’s more, criticism of your business on networks like Facebook and Twitter can gain traction quickly. Before you know it, several online users will be dragging your name through the mud, which calls for a reasoned and rational response, unlike the high-profile example of Amy’s Baking Company.

Therefore, it is a good idea to prioritise customer service as well as reply to any consumer feedback promptly and politely. If you respond in an appropriate, friendly and honest way, your social media following will appreciate such a morally correct stance.

Too much spam and exposure

Social media is not like traditional advertising methods or outbound marketing and as such, requires a different approach. The temptation for several businesses is to treat networks like Facebook and Twitter as a platform for their best sales pitch.

However, fans and followers will think of direct selling or a constant stream of promotional messages as spam. Then again, never-ending activity containing irrelevant news or inappropriate updates won’t go down well either. This includes hashtag hijacking, which attempts to attach marketing messages to trending topics at the time. However, businesses often get this wrong by not researching the topic in question enough.

Social media is all about striking the right balance between building consumer trust, promoting certain products and entertaining your audience. If these objectives are achieved, then greater conversions will undoubtedly follow.

Round-the-clock access

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, social media can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While this is highly advantageous in some instances, it can also be very dangerous and hazardous.

If a customer gets in touch with a pressing enquiry, it is easy to respond in a hasty and hurried manner. This might not end up being the best course of action, which could cause more harm than good. The same can be said for harsh criticism and strong complaints, which can potentially bring about a bad reaction or ill-advised response.

There have even been instances where certain businesses have published drunk tweets or Facebook statuses too. In addition to looking extremely unprofessional, this could ruin your hard-earn social media reputation. For this reason, leave social media management at the office or in the hands of responsible individuals.

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