Reasons why you should outsource content marketing

It is safe to say that content marketing is no longer considered a passing fad. Those wanting to build brand identify, increase exposure, establish trust and improve conversion rates need to have some form of content creation in their marketing strategy.

But while identifying the need to produce content is fairly straightforward, actually creating it is another. Do you have the time, capacity and competence to generate quality content? If the answer is no, then it might be time to look at outsourcing options.

For many, this might not seem like the best option and that is totally understandable. The main concern here is that a separate or independent company won’t understand the intrinsic details and aspects of your own business. On top of that, something like a company blog that has been outsourced might feel a bit dishonest or devious.

But in many respects this couldn’t be further from the truth. Outsourcing content marketing is simply having somebody else put your sentiments, thoughts or knowledge into words and terminology that an extensive audience can easily understand.

As long as you have a clear and concise idea of what you want to say and express, then any writer worth his or her salt will be able to produce first-class content. But if you’re still not convinced, here are some other reasons why it makes perfect sense:

You don’t know much about content marketing

Not long ago it was just an industry buzzword like SEO, but now content marketing is a crucial aspect of online promotion and publicity. However, there are several different factors and features that need comprehension, which can’t be learnt overnight.

But putting your faith in a digital marketing agency or content creation specialist allows you to concentrate on areas of the business you do understand. Just make sure you tell your chosen outsourcer what you want to achieve, as the various types of content available can have very different consequences.

You’re unable to produce large amounts of content

Although quality is much more important than quantity with content marketing these days, you’ll still need to produce a fair amount of blogs, articles, infographics and videos to make it all worthwhile. Add social media into the bargain and it becomes clear some additional help is needed.

But with somebody on hand to deal with your content requirements, there is no need to worry whether a blog has been written about the latest industry news or if social media comments have received prompt and proper replies.

You don’t know much about content strategy

Let’s get one thing straight – content strategy is not the same as content marketing. You can hire someone to promote, perform and measure your content marketing, but some sort of strategy needs to be in place too. Where are you going to promote? Why is it being performed? How are you going to measure?

You can’t really have one without the other, and if you do, your content marketing efforts are destined to be in vain. Thankfully, the agencies and organisations that can handle your content creation demands can usually deal with the strategy side of things too.

You lack knowledge about measurement metrics

You may understand terms such as page views, click through rates and repeat visitors, but do you know how they influence your objectives or how to improve them through content marketing?

Creating and distributing a piece of content is all well and good, but it is imperative to know whether it was a success. With an analytics expert, you’ll be able to discover what worked, what didn’t, and what to do in the future.

You are too busy with other parts of the business

Just like other areas of marketing such as SEO and social media, content demands a lot of time and attention, which is often lacking from internal departments. But if you decide to outsource, you can prioritise more pressing issues relating to sales or expansion.

Several entrepreneurs and enterprises try to do too much by thinking that every aspect of the business should be managed in-house. However, there are certain things that are best left to the experts, with content marketing often being one of them.

Before making any decision, do some research, speak to some agencies or content creation experts and see what options are available. You won’t be losing any control, taking an easy way out or deceiving anyone; you’ll simply be optimising your marketing efforts to better serve the customer.

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