SEO – An introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

The process of improving the visibility of your organisation’s website to help increase the amount of traffic is know as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A high search engine ranking or multiple results of the same page will result in more visitors.

With the Internet growing at an exponential rate, the need for a strong online presence is more important than ever. Every business will be looking to attract potential customers and ultimately increase turnover, therefore SEO is a means to grow the size of any company if implemented correctly.

Although certain techniques can be used to enhance an existing website, the strength of relevant content to a user’s search term is becoming an increasingly vital component of SEO. Consumers will actively seek out and engage with interesting content, subsequently returning to that particular website numerous times.

Converting customers with SEO

Before taking advantage of the benefits SEO brings and implementing a new sort of digital marketing campaign, it is important to understand how your target market use internet search engines.

After typing in the subject they are looking for, the majority of people will not look past the first page of search results. Therefore, thousands of websites go unnoticed, one of which could be your company’s page.

With SEO, there is a far greater chance that an Internet user will visit your page. In turn, they will discover a website full of useful content, production information and an online shopping portal.

The visitor will not only make a purchase, but could also share the link with friends or family via email or social network websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This sort of promotion is invaluable as it can lead to even more traffic and strengthen your company’s reputation.

SEO keywords and content

An Internet user’s search term is typically called a keyword or keyphrase. In order for your website to rank on the first page of results, it must include these terms somewhere within the copy.

The density of keywords and phrases has traditionally been considered the most important aspect of SEO, however digital marketing experts now recognise the significance of unique and alluring content.

If a website tries to cram in as many keywords or phrases as possible, visitors will be turned off by content that is dull, uninteresting and uninspiring, which is clearly created just to attract customers. However, high quality copy will not only grab the audience’s attention, it can also notably improve search engine page ranking.

SEO campaign

Deciding to optimise your website for search engines is extremely cost-effective and delivers a strong ROI. Although the basics of SEO are simple to understand implementing a comprehensive campaign often requires the help of experienced and dedicated digital marketing agencies like Mintcandy.

Because the goalposts of SEO constantly move and the complex algorithms companies like Google use frequently changes, it is somewhat vital to seek professional help and assistance.

As SEO experts and content marketing specialists, we possess the skills required to successfully raise a website’s profile and page ranking in relation to a user’s search term.

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