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Are you looking for a leading SEO Colchester Agency? (Search Ongine optimisation)? MintCandy are a leading digital agency based 10 miles from Colchester, Essex in the UK. Our range of services are tailored to our customers requirements, some of our services include: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), Web Design, Web Development and Corporate Branding.

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Colchester is an historic English town and the largest settlement within the borough of Colchester in Essex, England.

At the time of the census in 2001, it had a population of 104,390 marking a considerable rise from the previous census and with considerable development since 2001 and ongoing building plans; it has been named as one of Britain's fastest growing towns. As the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain, Colchester is claimed to be the oldest town in Britain. It was for a time the capital of Roman Britain, and is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network.

Colchester is 51.2 miles (82.4 km) northeast of London and is connected to the capital by the A12 road and the Great Eastern Main Line providing services into London Liverpool train station. It is seen as a popular town for London commuters and is less than 30 miles away from Stansted Airport providing comprehensive air services to many locations.

Colchester is home to the historic and impressive Colchester Castle, built on the site of a former Roman temple and Colchester United Football Club. It currently has a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament.

Residents of Colchester are known as Colcestrians.

Colchester is said to be the oldest recorded town in Britain - it was mentioned by Pliny the Elder, who died in AD 79. Before the Roman conquest of Britain it was already a centre of power for Cunobelin – known to Shakespeare as Cymbeline – king of the Catuvellauni (c.5 BC – AD 40), who minted coins there. Its Celtic name, Camulodunon, which variously represented as CA, CAM, CAMV, CAMVL and CAMVLODVNO on the coins of Cunobelinus, means 'the fortress of the war god Camulos'.

Soon after the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, a Roman legionary fortress was established. Later, when the Roman frontier moved outwards and the twentieth legion had moved to the west (c.AD 49), Camulodunum became a colonia named in a second-century inscription as Colonia Victricensis. This contained a large and elaborate Temple to the Divine Claudius.

Camulodunum served as a provincial Roman capital of Britain, but was attacked and destroyed during Boudica's rebellion in AD 61. Sometime after the destruction, London became the capital of the province of Britannia. Colchester's town walls c. 3,000 yd. long were built c.65–80 A.D. when the Roman town was rebuilt after the Boudicca rebellion. In 2004, Colchester Archaeological Trust discovered the remains of a Roman Circus (chariot race track) underneath the Garrison in Colchester, a unique find in Britain.

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