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SEO Company London

Do you need an SEO Company London? Are you interested in improving your Google page ranking, enhancing online visibility, attracting more website visitors and generating online sales? Well, the good news is that you have now found MintCandy!

MintCandy is a leading digital marketing agency with a great deal of experience in delivering successful online campaigns for a wide range of organisations. Our in-house team of experts possess the skills and know-how required to carry out tailor-made SEO Company London solutions.

In addition to talented regional search engine specialists, we also have a great understanding of local and national markets to ensure your website gets the online visibility it deserves.

Our offices are located in Essex & London, we can provide added services such as PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), Web Design, Web Development, Corporate Branding and Digital PR.

From independent traders and small businesses to large organisations and blue chip corporations, we have achieved first page Google ranking results on numerous occasions. Some of the industries we have worked closely with include:

• Finance

• Health

• Trade

• Transport

• IT

• Retail

• Communications

• Insurance

• Property and many more!

If you would like MintCandy to carry out a free, no obligation, SEO appraisal of your website, then do not hesitate to get in touch. We will analyse your page content and review its current search engine performance with honest feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

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Why choose SEO Company London?

As the world's fifth largest city economy after Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Seoul, London is a financial powerhouse. With an estimated GDP of $731.2 billion in 2012 and a per capita GDP of $89,463, the opportunities for any business to succeed and grow in Great Britain's capital city are immense.

The reason why London has prospered in the world of business is due in part to its location within the European Union, the United Kingdom's relationship with the United States, its central time zone, English law, relatively low taxes for foreign companies and investors, good transport infrastructure and a trade friendly environment.

Popular business districts like The City, Westminster and Canary Wharf are home to domestic and national institutions in business sectors such as finance, insurance, legal, real estate, media, private banking and hedge funds. However, smaller areas like Camden and Islington house creative industries including design, art, fashion and architecture, while Lambeth and Southwark boast mainly accountancy and consultancy firms.

With over 85 per cent of the employed population of greater London working in the service industries, creating a solid online presence has become increasingly important in recent years. Any company looking to prosper in such a competitive environment needs a strong and comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which is bound to include the practice of SEO.

Some of the many benefits your company can enjoy from implementing this process with the help of a search engine optimisation specialist include:
• Increase website traffic
• Increase revenue and sales
• Low-risk investment
• Reliable results
• A way to build brand awareness
• Stay ahead of the competition
• Strong ROI compared to other forms of promotion and publicity
• Specific and targeted traffic

Therefore, any business or organisation operating in London can ill-afford to ignore the advantages of employing a digital marketing specialist to manage and maintain its SEO campaign.

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