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Do you require SEO Hampshire? With more and more businesses looking to advertise their services online, marketing departments can ill-afford to ignore the benefits of SEO.

Failing to recognise the importance of SEO means potential customers are unaware of your business or online presence. This ultimately leads to poor business performance and a tarnished reputation.

With competitors taking advantage of this simple yet incredibly effective marketing technique, your company website will be lost among low ranking pages. Because most people only browse the first few Google search results, any website or e-commerce portal will be forgotten about.

What’s more, SEO promises to deliver strong ROI compared to tradition forms of promotion and publicity. Websites and social networking sites are now the number one resource for consumers.


Leading digital marketing agency MintCandy are incredibly experienced when it comes to providing tailor-made SEO solutions. With additional services including PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), Web Design, Web Development, Corporate Branding and Digital PR, we are a one-stop-shop for digital marketing requirements.

Although we cater for small businesses and independent firms, we have also worked closely with large corporations and well-known blue chip companies. Some of the industries in our portfolio include:

  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Property
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Recruitment and many more!

Our dedicated and committed team have a depth of marketing expertise and know-how to ensure your company website receives the page ranking it deserves.

If you would like us to carry out a free SEO appraisal for your website please feel free to contact us.

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About Hampshire

Hampshire is home to the former capital city of England and current county town Winchester. The most populous towns in the region are the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth, while famous writers Jane Austen and Charles Dickens hail from the county.

Hampshire was one of the first areas to fall to invading Roman forces, but became a primary Saxon shire in the 8th century, with several kings buried at Winchester.

Although political power moved away from Hampshire when London grew in prominence, Norman kings established the New Forest as a hunting ground after their conquest and began to construct castles along the coast of the Solent to defend important harbours.

Southampton went on to host famous ships such as the Mayflower and Titanic, while Portsmouth played a crucial role in the Second World War due to its large Royal Navy port and the nearby Aldershot army camp.

Although the Isle of Wight was traditionally part of Hampshire, it became a full ceremonial county in 1974. There are no formal administrative links between the Isle of Wight and Hampshire apart from a shared police force.

Despite a reliance on agriculture and dairy farming in the past, Hampshire has moved away from these industries and is now primarily concerned with marine, advanced engineering, aerospace, high-tech, science and financial activities.

Popular attractions include the motor museum at Beaulieu and national parks in the New Forest and South Downs, the latter of which covers 45 per cent of the county.

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