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You have landed on our SEO Kent (Search Engine Optimisation) page. At MintCandy, we are a leading digital marketing agency working with businesses in Kent to promote their business using SEO both in Kent, locally and nationally. Our range of digital marketing solutions include the following:-

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We pride ourselves in offering full digital support to various companies ranging from SME's to corporate blue chip businesses, providing SEO in Kent, the UK and around the World. Our expertise enables us to achieve top positions across the major search engines. We are therefore experts in achieving success for very competitive keyword terms for our clients.

Some of the sectors we work with include:

Health & Fitness
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The county of Kent, which nowadays is often referred to as 'the Garden of England', is located in the South East of England. Kent has a nominal border with France which is located at the half-way point of the channel tunnel and a well-defined boundary with Essex across the river Thames. Kent also borders Greater London to the North West.

The location of the county of Kent, between the great city of London and continental Europe means that it has always been in the middle of the firing line during times of conflict such as the Battle of Britain in 1941.

Transport communications between the UK and the continent heavily rely on the important port towns of Dover and Folkestone, the Channel Tunnel offers a rapid service between London, Lille, Paris and beyond and is fast becoming a vital link between the entire country, Europe and beyond, basically wherever rail or road transport goes in the modern age.

The county hosts many historic locations such as Chatham Dockyard and the Cinque Ports of the 12th to 14th centuries.

Kent also has an abundance of orchards and hop gardens, hence the nickname 'The Garden of England' - this means it produces a large proportion of the countries apples and hops, perfect for cider and beer production!

There are many large towns in the county of Kent, such as Bromley, Bexley, Canterbury, Gillingham, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, Gravesend, Rochester, Dover and Folkestone. The river Medway forms and important and historic element of the county. The Royal Navy first used the River Medway back in 1547, and was often raided by the French and Dutch. By the 18th century the Medway became Britain primary base for the Royal Navy, it allowed the fleet to take action across the channel operating along the Dutch and French coasts. Smugglers have always been active along its coastline and so too, in older times, pirates! The county was a vitally important base for both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force during the great conflicts of the 20th century. Much of the Battle of Britain was fought across its skies.

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