SEO myths that need to be forgotten in 2015

  • 17th February 2015
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In 2014, many SEO experts were going about their normal, everyday business for most of the year. But all of a sudden, Google then introduced a myriad of new updates including Panda, Penguin, Pirate and Pigeon, which required marketing professionals to change their SEO approaches and online strategies accordingly.

But with so many changes being introduced and implemented, there is plenty of discussion over the effectiveness of new and novel SEO techniques as well as tried and tested tactics, sometimes sadly based on SEO myths! As you would expect, a great many of these have a grain of truth about them and simply take on board what Google has disclosed about its latest algorithm updates. However, some are truly absolutely myths and should be treated with extreme caution because they can do as much harm as good to your online visibilty!

Seeing as the New Year usually indicates a new beginning for most people, you should continue into your 2015 marketing activity in the best way possible as well. But whatever you do, don’t believe or pander to the following myths and misconceptions about SEO:-

There is a secret to SEO

Anyone that has a basic understand of SEO knows there is no trickery or magic involved. After all, Google delivers search results based on a mathematical algorithm. It may be trying to interpret the meaning behind your query more and more, but at the end of the day, search results come down to a set of rules.

If you’ve tried to implement SEO before or hired a marketing agency to help out and failed, this doesn’t mean your strategy lacked insider tips or tricks, it was probably just executed badly.

Unfortunately, scammers do exist and will make false promises about how you can get to the top of Google’s results page overnight. So before you seek out help or guidance, conduct some due diligence and check out customer reviews.

SEO is quick, easy and cheap to implement

In the past, it was possible to hire an SEO expert who would change a few title tags, create some links and put out the odd social media update. While this might have resulted in a higher search ranking, the same rules no longer apply and there is no quick or easy fix.

On top of that, SEO isn’t a cheap marketing technique in spite of what The UK Apprentice winner Mark E Wright says. He was able to convincingly put across a business strategy for Climb Online, a £400 a month SEO service that would be much more personal than alternative marketing agencies.

But due to the nature of the industry, where algorithms and tools change on a daily basis, it is impossible to hire such a single-minded service. SEO providers can work within your budget and offer affordable plans, but a cut-price deal simply doesn’t exist.

SEO audits are quick, easy and cheap to implement

If carried out correctly, an SEO audit can be an incredibly effective and influential thing. With in-depth details and data about your current SEO footprint, you can make adjustments and optimise your activity to achieve even more success.

However, a quick and cheap audit, which only runs a few tools and comes up with two or three paragraphs about the results can actually do more harm than good. It will bring up issues you didn’t have before and may even produce bad data that isn’t accurate or properly analysed.

Therefore, it is essential you get a professional and proficient marketing agency or SEO specialist in to carry out a comprehensive audit. They should know about the salient points of all the algorithms as well as the ins and outs of penalties.

SEO is dead I heard?

Now this is a biggie and one you should really pay very close attention to. With social media and content marketing continuing to grow in popularity, businesses are augmenting SEO in pursuit of other promotional tactics and techniques.

However, 90% of all online experiences begin with a Search Engine such as Google, never forget this!

Organic search therefore remains the number one way that people can get to your site on desktop and mobile. It is as clear-cut and simple as that!

In many respects, as long as Google continues to adjust its algorithms and position websites based on this, SEO will never die. Therefore, it still requires a great deal of attention and should not be forgotten about in a hurry. As opposed to just another string to your own marketing bow, SEO should be an intrinsic part of all your online marketing activity, as without it vast numbers of potential target market clients or customers won’t know your business exists, let alone see it high up on Googles search results.

So, when it comes to SEO in 2015, don’t listen to too many of these myths or urban legends, continue with best practices instead.

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