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Does your team need to move up to the next level of SEO proficiency?

SEO Training Courses that suit your needs

For any business or organisation with an online presence, the key to the success of your website is in making sure that your customers can easily find you when using a search engine such as Google. Our MintCandy Academy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Training courses allow you to learn the techniques and strategies that you need to adopt for online marketing success.

We will teach you how to improve the Search Engine ranking performance of your website, leading to higher sales, thereby boosting your bottom line!

Who are our SEO Courses suitable for?

Our SEO courses are particularly useful for those with full access to their own website, including to its CMS (Content Management System). This is especially important as full access allows you to edit your websites content adding new pages or blogs.

Our courses will show you how to first of all analyse your website in detail to identify any required improvements. Once you have performed the task of Onsite SEO Analysis, you can then make the required modifications to boost your website’s visibility online leading to increased traffic, conversions and sales! We call this Onsite Optimisation.

Our Courses cover Content Marketing

You will also discover the art of great Content Marketing, Manual Outreach and the benefits of sharing your work online, helping to build authority and trust into your website and into your Brand!

That old cliche 'content is king' has never been more right! There is no substitute for great copy-writing especially when supported by attention-grabbing imagery and video and other resources. At MintCandy Academy we provide training suitable for every level of knowledge and experience.

We therefore offer Courses at a level to suit your needs.

SEO Education for everyone from beginners through to Global Brand Online Marketing Managers.

Cutting edge web promotion techniques and tactics will be learnt that can be implemented by any organisation, from start-up SME’s through to those responsible for International Brand development. Course attendees will learn how to use the best SEO Tools in the market to explore web statistics, analyse any website and review its performance and Organic Search Rankings.
The training that we provide will empower attendees to highlight specific areas of websites that require improvement for the best results in terms of your ultimate ROI (Return On Investment).

Identifying and using the best SEO Tools

We will provide an overview of the tools that you will need to assist you in your work. We will provide a detailed overview regarding how to use each one for the best effect.
These tools, software packages and website services will enable you to perform effective link-building, competitor analysis and search engine rank reporting amongst other things. In this way you will be able to set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) Metrics and then measure real-world results against them to identify and report your successes.

You will learn about the various different Social Media Networks and how to incorporate their use into an effective overall online marketing strategy.

SEO Training Overview

We first teach the outline of the process of optimising a Website, enabling it to be found (indexed) and then accepted by search engines as worthy of being ranked highly. As more detail is taught, we will cover both the popular, and the less well known Website linking techniques plus Web-page code optimisation and validation.
We will educate our attendees in the art of planning and creating an effective overall SEO strategy that will improve a Website’s performance and online visibility. Website Structure, Domains, IP Addresses, Geo-Location, Proxies and URL forwarding will also be covered.

We also cover keyword research and keyword strategies, identification of your target market demographic, competitor analysis, on-page and off-page optimisation and other effective link building techniques.
Our SEO training courses are aimed at business and organisations, web developers and SEO Consultants that wish to improve either their own website rankings and search engine visibility or those that wish to perform this work on behalf of their clients.

Where are our courses performed?

Our MintCandy Academy SEO Training courses are provided in a clean and bright modern working environment with up to date training aids and equipment provided for practical learning.

Interested in moving up to the next level online? Contact us today to find out more!

SEO Consultancy Services
For larger organisations, naturally our SEO tutors and consultants can attend your premises where required. Ideally you would need to be able to provide us with a dedicated training room or similar area suitable for the number of attendees that you will have.

We can also provide our SEO Consultancy service on either a daily or pro-rata basis if required; just ask if you need our help!

MintCandy Academy SEO Training Videos
We make available to order our specialist SEO Training videos. All course attendees can be provided with these as an additional service should they be required, please inquire for further details.

SEO Introduction - Foundation Course

This course is suitable for beginners through to intermediate level SEO practitioners. It will build your confidence and understanding of the prerequisites necessary for the successful future-proofed SEO of your website. You will learn the fundamentals step by step.

You will learn how to identify the keywords and key-phrases that you need to incorporate into your SEO Strategy to drive new high quality visitors to your website.

How does Google work
• The latest SEO best practices
• Selecting the right keywords
• Content optimisation
• Building your reputation online
• Basic SEO Tool knowledge
• Introduction to Google Analytics

SEO Intermediate Course - Organic Growth

This course is most suitable for those that already have a basic understanding. You will learn more advanced SEO skills that will enable you to identify your competitor’s most effective keywords plus who is linking to them and sharing their content. Leveraging from the semantic web is introduced at this stage.

We will teach you how to build effective backlinks, authority and trust in order to boost your online reputation.

Understand how to build trust and authority
• Effectively prioritise your content
• How to naturally gain links
• Introduction to LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
• Sharing your content
• Advanced knowledge of the SEO Tools available
• Effective use of Google Webmaster Tools

SEO Advanced Course - Content Marketing

Marketing is about words, images and sounds. Great marketing is about thought-provoking words, stunning images and inspiring soundtracks. Your content and ideas need to be stunning, better than your competitions. We will show you how to create the most valuable content. You will learn to create media that the Search Engines and Visitors alike will love to consume. This is where the science of SEO meets the art of marketing and PR (Public Relations).

How to create a Content Strategy
• Effective Content Curation
• Content Creation and Content Copywriting
• Implementing LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) tactics
• Building relationships with Publishers
• Relating SEO to PR (Public Relations) and Social Media
• Further advanced Content Marketing resources