Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring guide – From small companies to large organisations, social media is becoming the number one way to communicate with customers. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have become the first port of call for consumers wanting to interact with a business and find out the latest product information.

Social network sites are now a crucial part of everyday life for many individuals, therefore any enterprise needs to recognise the value it can bring. Even if you are not fond of these websites, they are online fixtures that are here to stay.

Accordingly, social media monitoring should play a significant role in a company’s online strategy. Discovering what people are saying about your goods or services and understanding competitor developments will inevitably lead to a stronger and more successful business.

Social media audience

In addition to the company website, potential customers and interested parties are sure to search for a Facebook or Twitter page. Today’s connected culture and the rise of portable devices like smartphones and tablets mean these websites are one of the most popular tools for communication.

As a result, it makes absolute sense for a business or organisation to take advantage of such a large audience with a great deal of potential. A local and international audience will regularly check for status updates and Tweets regardless of their location or time zone.

With a rapidly expanding consumer base, it is essential for a business to actively engage in communication. You’re bound to receive positive and negative responses to status updates and photos, but dealing with these in an appropriate manner is crucial.

Social media monitoring tools

Any company can now find out how strong its social media presence is, from the number of Facebook likes to the number of Twitter followers. These figures can be broken down into categories like demographic region to gain a greater understanding.

It is also possible to discover the reach of your posts, how many users were engaged, the number of people talking about the page and whether it has gone viral. This information will not only give you a good idea about how successful a post was, it can also provide invaluable recommendations for future interactions.

Some of the data available to a company Facebook page or Twitter account is often difficult to fully comprehend, which is why many organisations turn to a consultant or professional social media agency for help. Experts in the field such as Mintcandy will provide advice and guidance on what the figures mean and how they can be used.

Social media monitoring value

One of the reason’s why social networks are so popular among companies is because it is a free way of promoting and publicising goods or services. However, these websites have the potential to be even more valuable and effective with the assistance of a third-party.

We are incredibly experienced when it comes to getting the most out of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. With an in-house team of experts who understand all the intricate aspects of social media monitoring, we guarantee online success for businesses of any size.

By constantly keeping a close eye on the latest developments and newest trends, we can deliver outstanding results for our range of clients.

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