Social media tips for business

In today’s digital society, where more and more organisations are taking their business online, having a strong social media presence is crucial.

Regular status updates or tweets and responding to customer questions is all well and good, but there is huge potential to increase reach, build brand awareness, enhance reputations and ultimately attract more people to purchase your products or services.

Although there is no secret or magic formula to managing a successful social media page, the following tips should go some way in helping your online presence grow and prosper.

Here is our Social media tips for business

Come up with a plan

Before opening an account and creating a page, come up with a list of goals that you want to achieve. Although social media has endless possibilities, it still requires a coherent and comprehensive plan. From deciding what content to post and the target market, to integration with existing marketing strategies, there are several aspects to consider.

Allocate time and resources

Managing social media should not be an afterthought, as it is quickly becoming the go-to resource for consumers looking to interact with a company. Therefore, time and resources should be allocated for social networking. Although it can sometimes be quite time consuming, it is worth it in the long run.

Actively interact

The number of comments or replies will obviously depend on the size of your business, but it is imperative to interact with anyone who takes the time to get in touch. Be respectful and polite even if you receive negative or critical feedback.

Add value for the customer

Although social media platforms are great for promoting your products, serving the community and becoming a valuable resource should also be a priority. Helpful links and information relating to your industry or business sector will earn respect and trust.

Add personality

There is a time and a place for informal corporate jargon, but a social network is not one. Your audience will appreciate an authentic human voice as websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google Plus are all about communicating and connecting with people.

Drive traffic to your website

Some organisations now regard social media sites as the be all and end all of online marketing and promotion, however this is a dangerous approach to have. Google or other search engines are still the first port of call for a great deal of customers, so driving traffic to your website will increase visitors and enhance SEO.

Identify consumer and competitor trends

Setting up custom alerts for specific search terms relating to company’s industry, customers and even competitors can provide valuable insights. You will be better prepared to serve the community with information about the latest news and newest trends.

Seek professional help

If the prospect of managing multiple social media networks is too daunting, then seek help and advice from the professionals. Leading digital marketing agency Mintcandy has a team of in-house experts that are highly knowledgeable when it comes to social media management.

For more information on how we can help to enhance your online presence through social networking, call us today on 01621 717777.

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