Successful PPC on Cyber Monday (and every other day!)

These days, online retailers rub their hands with glee at the prospect of days such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ where there is every chance to sell lots of goods and products on what are very busy shopping days!

Some retailers will go to great lengths to promote their firm and their offering because they want to fully exploit any opportunities that will naturally come with a surge in online shoppers. They won’t just want to leave it to chance for potential customers to find them via organic search engine results.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are interesting modern day phenomena because they are essentially clever marketing tricks initiated to encourage people to spend online or in-store. Cyber Monday is usually the first Monday in December and falls after November’s payday giving people the whole weekend to window shop and browse before doing some early Christmas shopping.

There’s no doubt that Cyber Monday is growing in popularity, it has become the biggest shopping day before Christmas.

How does a firm exploit online opportunities using PPC to benefit from days like Cyber Monday?

Get your tills ringing with PPC!

It is worth pointing out right now to those who don’t know that PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is basically a way to advertise online to potential customers.

The first thing that an online business, particularly retailers, should do is to consult with a PPC specialist who will be able to help them to create a PPC programme that is not only effective but rewarding too.

They will tailor your online advertising to be specific to your offering on days such as Cyber Monday.

When you modify your advertising, you need to undertake the relevant keyword analysis to ensure that you get the expected levels of traffic, be clear and concise in your special promotions and carefully decide how much you are going to spend on your actual PPC campaign.

It may also be a good idea to offer a range of one off ‘free delivery’ options emphasising, for instance, the festive season and making it clear that this is the website’s contribution to helping the customer enjoy their shopping experience with the site.

Once your campaign is up and running you should carefully monitor and track conversions.

That is to say you should analyse the actual web traffic that comes in on that particular day, compare it with a normal day’s trading and traffic activity to see how many of those people who clicked your advert actually converted into a paying customer.

Create specific landing pages to boost PPC conversion

You should create special landing pages for those specific adverts which will provide, in detail, what the specific special promotion is and why the customer only has a small window of opportunity to take full advantage and enjoy the promotion itself.

There is an unintended extra bonus in seeing a sales spike on these special one-off sales days, and that is the fact that you are attracting brand new customers to your site. You must make their initial experience a positive one so that they will return time and time again and become regulars.

In the post-day website final  sales analysis, you can examine which adverts worked well and which of the promotions were the most successful in terms of the increase in profit that you experienced.

For a fast-growing PPC specialist firm such as Mint Candy this is also a fantastic opportunity to impress you. If you are pleased with what can be done for you with a special one-day event, then just imagine what can be achieved on a year-round basis for other special promotions that you want to run.

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