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Things to avoid when writing your company blog

One remarkably easy yet incredibly effective way of boosting your content marketing footprint and activity is to write a company blog. Not only…
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Five steps to kick-start your content in 2015

There is little to no doubt that more and more businesses will be allocating a greater portion of their marketing budget for content…
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How to increase the number of comments on your blog

As we have already established, writing a blog can have immeasurable benefits for any business. In addition to the obvious SEO advantages, it…
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Generating traffic for a brand new site with content marketing

Even if you’ve developed a brand new website, which has a fantastic sparkly design, detailed product information and every feature that you think…
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Search Engine Optimise your Businesses Blog: 4 Simple Steps

The value of original content in boosting your website’s search engine optimisation is phenomenal, and a Blog is a great and easy way…
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