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New to SEO? Here are three fundamentals you need to know

Despite the fact SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been a marketing industry buzzword for quite some time now; this ever-present practice is naturally…
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SEO strategies that sound appealing but should be avoided

Ever since it became one of marketing’s most highly discussed and endlessly debated subjects, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has witnessed countless changes. Over…
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Ways in which you can banish boring content forever

The need to create compelling and captivating content in today’s highly competitive and crowded online world is now absolutely crucial. Your audience is…
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How to overcome Facebook’s ruling on promotional posts with content marketing

Back in November 2014, Facebook revealed that as soon as the New Year rolled around, it would reduce the number of overly promotional…
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Essential content marketing tools to use in 2015

Last year, a growing number of businesses started to invest more time, effort and money into content marketing and this trend looks set…
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Five steps to kick-start your content in 2015

There is little to no doubt that more and more businesses will be allocating a greater portion of their marketing budget for content…
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Will native advertising succeed guest blogging and even content?

There have been a few recent indications that the ever-present content marketing technique of guest blogging is in decline, with native advertising taking…
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Reasons why you should outsource content marketing

It is safe to say that content marketing is no longer considered a passing fad. Those wanting to build brand identify, increase exposure,…
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Popular content marketing beliefs that simply aren’t true

With more and more marketers prioritising content, everybody is trying to stay one step ahead of the game or gain a competitive advantage.…
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How to optimise content on e-commerce sites

From a SEO point of view, content is crucial for e-commerce sites. If you want potential customers to find your goods and services…
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