Things to avoid when writing your company blog

One remarkably easy yet incredibly effective way of boosting your content marketing footprint and activity is to write a company blog. Not only will this enhance SEO, but also position you as an enlightening thought leader with lots of industry expertise.

The brand will also benefit, as more and more people are bound to visit your website for informative and entertaining content. Reputations and relationships should improve too and with any luck, you will notice an upturn in e-commerce sales.

But there is still a chance you won’t be able to reap these rich rewards if you make the following mistakes, which should be avoided at all costs.

Spelling and grammar mistakes

Even though some readers will be quite forgiving when it comes to the odd spelling or grammar mistake, others may have stronger opinions about the rules of language.

For these people, errors indicate a lack of professionalism and proficiency. If you cannot identify and rectify inaccuracies in your writing, then the organisation’s products or services might just be perceived as substandard too!

Therefore, take the time to proofread your blog thoroughly and demonstrate that your knowledge extends to writing as well as your job role. It is often worth reading through your blog a few hours after writing or getting someone else to check it over with a fresh pair of eyes. Don’t forget that Google can spot errors too.

Overly promotional posts

By writing a company blog, you are attempting to stimulate and create interest in the brand. After all, it is an inbound marketing technique and not an opportunity to sell your products.

Therefore, you should avoid posting anything overly promotional, as this is not what online users will want at this stage of their browsing experience. Focus on subjects that are informative or amusing and leave the sales pitch for another time.

Once you have built a rapport with your audience through these blog posts you can then focus on encouraging them down the sales funnel, but this should not be your blogging intention from the get-go.

Focusing on the company too much

There is nothing wrong with recounting real-life scenarios from work, telling readers about recent organisational improvements or informing customers about the latest product developments.

But if all you do is talk about the company, visitors will soon start looking for a fix of some more scintillating content elsewhere! Remember that the purpose of your blog is to keep current clientele and potential customers up-to-date with the latest industry news or trends and to provide stimulating insight. For instance, the fact that you recently hired a new salesman may be important to you but may not be of much interest to anyone else!

You should be adding value to the audience’s online experience, not boosting your own ego.

Writing too much

There are a few reasons why writing too much on your company blog is a bad idea. First of all, long pieces of content aren’t that easy or enjoyable to consume, especially when published online, as there are numerous other resources to find and explore.

Secondly, you won’t want to reveal all of your interesting insights in one go. Write enough to provide value, but don’t give too much away either.

Last but not least, keeping your blog compact and concise means visitors will keep coming back for more. Repeat visits are crucial when it comes to establishing relationships and building loyalty, so try and give your audience a cliffhanger or two.

Not allowing visitors to comment

Just like social media, content marketing in the form of blogs enable two-way communication between companies and customers. Even if you are the one with greater industry expertise, this doesn’t mean to say you are untouchable.

Blogs should be about encouraging reader engagement and connecting with online users. By not allowing visitors to comment, it makes you and the brand look arrogant and shows a lack of respect too.

You may receive some negative criticism or feedback, but this can benefit the business. Replying to comments can also build bonds and bridges too. An interactive two way blog really can help to build Brand awareness and trust so do not simply discount the idea of incorporating such technology!

Repeating other marketing activity

Whenever you write a company blog, it should be unique and original in some way. This will be appreciated by your audience and rewarded by search engines.

We are well aware that businesses may just ignore this advice and decide to repeat or regurgitate other marketing activity. Simply copying social media updates or exerts from case studies and pasting this content on your blog is not good enough at all.

Coming up with new and novel ideas might not be easy, but blogs serve a very specific purpose that requires equally special posts. So, capitalise on this opportunity and run with it to win with potential customers, existing clients and Google too.

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